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Google AR glasses 😎, Instagram Maps 🗺️, Google's C++ competitor ‍💻

What I Learned Building Data Privacy Vaults at Netflix (Sponsor)

Is there a way to protect data privacy without compromising on innovation? Watch the technical session with Jitender Aswani, former Head of Security/Privacy Engineering at Netflix, to learn how Netflix uses data privacy vaults to tightly control access to PII and PCI data.

In this deep-dive with Jitender and Skyflow Co-founder and CEO Anshu Sharma, you’ll learn how data privacy vaults work at Netflix, Google, and Apple. We’ll cover compliance, security, and data usability challenges, and discuss how to enable authorized workflows to read and update sensitive data, de-identify datasets for analytics, and run operations like exact match without decrypting data. Watch the webinar now.

Big Tech & Startups

Instagram rolls out a new searchable map to make it easier to discover popular locations (2 minute read)

Meta is introducing a new searchable and dynamic map experience on Instagram. The map will allow users to explore popular tagged locations around them and filter location results by specific categories. Users can save and revisit locations and share places via direct messages to friends or groups. They will be able to find relevant locations on the map when searching certain hashtags.

Google Begins Publicly Testing Its AR Glasses (3 minute read)

Google is starting public tests of its new smart glasses. The glasses will be able to recognize objects in the environment through AI, but they will not be able to take photos or videos. They can currently be used for translation, transcription, visual search, and navigation. Testers will be restricted on where they can use the glasses. Bystanders can ask testers to delete image data. Google has not announced plans for the glasses to be a commercially available product yet.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Scientists hack fly brains to make them remote controlled (2 minute read)

Scientists have hacked the brains of fruit flies to make them remote-controlled. The flies were genetically engineered so that they expressed a certain heat-sensitive ion channel in some of their neurons that would be activated when it sensed heat, causing the flies to spread their wings. They then injected iron oxide nanoparticles into the insects' brains. The nanoparticles heated up when a magnetic field switched on nearby, which caused the neurons to fire and the flies to spread their wings. The goal of the research was to use this kind of technology to restore some sight to patients with vision impairments by stimulating the visual cortex.

Two companies join SpaceX in the race to Mars, with a launch possible in 2024 (7 minute read)

Relativity Space and Impulse Space are launching a mission that will land on the surface of Mars in less than three years. It will be the first-ever commercial mission to Mars. Relativity's Terran R rocket, which will carry the mission, will be more powerful than SpaceX's Falcon 9. Impulse is developing space thrusters that use a less toxic alternative to the fuels typically used by spacecraft.
Programming, Design & Data Science

The Joyful Site Generator (Website)

iles is a static-site generator that provides great support for partial hydration. It ships JavaScript only for the interactive sections and it features great Markdown support, layouts and components, file-based routing, and Vue Devtools support. iles aims to combine the development experience of building a site with Vue while effortlessly shipping a zero JavaScript site.

Carbon, a new programming language from Google, aims to be C++ successor (3 minute read)

Carbon is a programming language from Google that aims to be a successor to C++. While it started with Google, it is open source and will be an independent and community project. Carbon is intended to be fully interoperable with existing C++ code. Many more details, including a list of highlights of the language, are available in the article.

Less than 2% of engineers pass a MAANG interview. How can you improve your odds? (Sponsor)

MAANG interviews are hard and intimidating. But there are ways to prepare.

Scaler is hosting a webinar where Anshuman Singh, a former Tech Lead at Facebook, will explain what to expect in a technical MAANG interview, and offer pointers on how you can be better prepared.

The session is free to join.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaks, Samsung confirms August 10 launch (3 minute read)

Samsung's next big product launch will be on August 10. The launch is expected to include the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and the Buds2 Pro earbuds. Official renders of both the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 were posted today. Links to official and unofficial renders are available in the article.

Microsoft is launching a Facebook rip-off inside Teams (3 minute read)

Microsoft has launched Viva Engage, a Facebook-like app inside Teams that promotes digital communities, conversations, and self-expression at the workplace. It looks and feels just like Facebook, with a storylines section that features conversational posts and media. Viva Engage will also include Stories. Microsoft likely created Viva Engage with Workplace from Meta in mind as the two companies are increasingly on a collision course for metaverse competition.
Quick Links

Neuralink Cofounder Leaves as Brain Company Descends Into Chaos (2 minute read)

Paul Merolla is the sixth of eight Neuralink cofounders that have left over the last few years.

Google allows alternative to Google Play billing in EU (2 minute read)

Starting today, Google will not remove or reject updates of non-gaming apps that include alternative billing in the EU.

Fad or frenzy, BeReal is having a real moment right now (1 minute read)

BeReal is a French photo app that is designed specifically to discourage the kind of influencer building that has been a core feature of social media for many years.

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover trial set to start in October (2 minute read)

A Delaware court has ruled that Twitter's lawsuit against Elon Musk will be heard in October.

Future CSS Tip! 🔮 (1 minute read)

:has() will land in Chrome 105 and it is already in Safari as of version 15.4.

Emoji cloud (GitHub Repo)

Emoji cloud adds vector emojis to projects with zero configuration and a single line of code.
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