TLDR 2022-04-07

Uber flights ✈️, OpenAI image generation 🖼️ , how invisibility shields work 👀

Elon Musk recommends real assets (Sponsor)

With inflation on the way, Elon gave his Twitter followers one piece of advice: invest in real assets. What happened next? An NYC startup's traffic spiked. It had unlocked one of the greatest real assets you’ll find: artwork. No wonder over 380,000 people signed up. Follow his advice and invest in real assets today with Masterworks. Learn more.
Big Tech & Startups

Meta plans virtual currency, creator coins for its apps (2 minute read)

Meta is planning to introduce virtual tokens and cryptocurrencies to its apps. It will use the tokens to reward creators and for lending and other financial services. The tokens could give Meta a new revenue channel and control over transactions on its platforms. Meta's tokens might not be blockchain-based and may be centrally controlled by the company. Meta is part of the Crypto Open Patent Alliance, a group that pledges to promote open access to cryptocurrency technologies.

Uber looks to create travel ‘superapp’ by adding planes, trains, and rental cars (1 minute read)

Uber plans to add trains, buses, planes, and car rentals to its UK app this year. It will expand these services to other countries if the test goes well. The company is aiming to become a one-stop shop for all travel needs. It plans to add hotel bookings in the future. Uber recently secured a 30-month license to continue operating in London after a battle with city regulators over its ride-hailing app.
Science & Futuristic Technology

OpenAI's DALL-E 2 produces fantastical images of most anything you can imagine (3 minute read)

OpenAI's DALL-E AI is capable of generating images based on attributes from a written description. It can also combine multiple images into a collage. DALL-E was trained with objectionable images removed from its training data and the system actively prevents creating pictures with specific keywords to prevent abuse. The newest version allows users to edit images and generate variations of existing images. Examples of artworks created by DALL-E are available in the article.

Rocket Lab prepares its chopper to catch a returning booster in midair (3 minute read)

Rocket Lab plans to catch the first stage of its Electron booster midair with a customized helicopter later this month. The first stage will deploy a parachute and slow down to 10 meters per second before the helicopter will make its attempt. Previous tests of the procedure with replica models have been successful. A 14-day launch window for the test will open up on April 19.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Build In-App Chat + Feeds, Faster (Sponsor)

Activate your free Stream Chat trial to start building today. Qualifying small teams and personal dev projects can also apply for the free-forever Stream Maker Account.

Genie (GitHub Repo)

Genie is a full-stack web framework for developing modern web applications. It features a powerful router, websockets, templating, plugins, ORM support, and more. Examples of packages and apps made with Genie are available.

Coding for SSDs – Part 6: A Summary – What every programmer should know about solid-state drives (9 minute read)

This article is part of a six-part series on coding for SSDs. The series covers in detail the architecture of SSDs and how they work. This part summarizes the whole series. It covers the basics of SSDs and all of the recommended access patterns on how reads and writes should be implemented to get the best performance out of solid-state drives.

This Startup Made a Functioning 'Invisibility Shield'. Here's How It Works (3 minute read)

UK-based startup Invisibility Shield Co. sells an invisibility shield that works using an optical phenomenon called lenticular lensing. It is the same mechanism used in tilt cards which change pictures depending on the angle. The shield directs light from the subject sideways and away from the observer. This article explains how the technology works and links to resources on how to make your own. Pictures of the shield are available.

Anker’s first 3D printer might be the one you’ve been waiting for (6 minute read)

Anker has announced a 3D printer that can print five times faster than its competition. The AnkerMake M5 comes with a webcam that can monitor and record prints. It prints the same size parts as other similar 3D printers at a default 250mm per second. The 3D printer is currently on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $499. A link to the project's Kickstarter page is available in the article.
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