TLDR 2022-03-25

Apple hardware subscriptions 📱, Microsoft hacker was teenager 👨‍💻, being a darknet drug lord 💊

Vultr Optimized Cloud Compute Plans Have Landed (Sponsor)

Vultr now offers Optimized Cloud Compute instances! Harness the power of 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors with General Purpose, CPU, Memory, and Storage-Optimized plans and never worry about noisy neighbors again. Ready to try Vultr? Sign up today to claim $150 in free credit.
Big Tech & Startups

Cybersecurity researchers trace Lapsus$ attacks to a teenager from England (2 minute read)

Cybersecurity researchers investigating the recent Lapsus$ attacks have identified seven accounts associated with the hacking group. A 16-year-old living with his mother in England is believed to be the mastermind of the group. Rival hackers had posted his details online. The attacks were believed to be motivated in part by the desire for notoriety as the group didn't try to cover its tracks and made public announcements.

Apple will reportedly sell the iPhone as a subscription service (3 minute read)

Apple plans to sell iOS devices using a hardware subscription service as part of its push towards subscription services as a whole. The company has increased its emphasis on recurring subscriptions as key revenue streams over the past several years. Its AppleCare and iPhone Upgrade Programs already resemble a hardware subscription in many ways. Details on what the hardware subscription service will entail are not yet available.
Science & Futuristic Technology

The Speed of Sound on Mars Is Strangely Different (3 minute read)

High-frequency sounds travel more than 10 meters per second faster on Mars than low-frequency sounds due to the unique properties of carbon dioxide molecules at low pressure. During the day, the warming of the surface of Mars generates convective updrafts that create strong turbulence, resulting in temperature and pressure fluctuations. The discovery was made using microphones and lasers aboard the Perseverance rover. Changes in the speed of sound also helped researchers measure large and rapid temperature changes that other sensors were not able to detect.

Researchers make a quantum storage breakthrough by storing a qubit for 20 milliseconds (3 minute read)

Researchers from the University of Geneva broke a new record by storing a qubit in a crystal for 20 milliseconds. The development could help create secure long-distance quantum telecommunication networks. Photons that carry qubits disappear after traveling a few hundred kilometers inside optical fiber cables. The storage could be integrated into repeaters to extend network ranges. The researchers aim to have a system on the market within 10 years.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Master UI (Website)

Master UI is a virtual CSS language with enhanced syntax. It features more than 172 styles that are all created with HTML. Modern effects like filter, transform, mix blend, mask image, and grid are supported. Examples are available.

5 coding interview questions I hate (8 minute read)

This article covers five common types of tech interview questions. They include trivia-type questions, questions asking about technical specifics, questions obfuscated with fuzzy wording, and questions with unspecified behavior or missing context. The article also discusses how interviewers can improve on these questions and the best way for candidates to answer them.

Merge Faster with WorkerB for PRs Chrome Extension (Sponsor)

The average PR sits idle for 2 days! Add context to your PR & merge faster with WorkerB magic links. Get estimated review time, number of changes, & related ticket in one click! Install it today.

Microplastics are confirmed in human blood for the first time (3 minute read)

Researchers from the Netherlands have detected multiple types of microplastics in the blood of nearly 80% of human participants in a study. Microplastics can move freely throughout the body and become stuck in organs. Scientists are still trying to understand the health effects of microplastics in the body. Microplastics are everywhere and could be linked to many diseases.

So, you want to be a darknet drug lord... (8 minute read)

This article is about how to be a darknet drug lord. It covers topics such as international law, what technologies to learn, and operational security. A common mistake is to only rely on Tor for security. A list of resources is available.
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