TLDR 2022-03-22

Apple mass outage ⚡, SpaceX plans in-flight internet 📶, concept V-plane ✈️  

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Big Tech & Startups

SpaceX's Starlink sees the in-flight internet market as ripe for an overhaul (2 minute read)

SpaceX is testing aviation-specific Starlink terminals and is in the process of getting the terminals approved with a variety of aircraft. It will make the terminals smaller and lighter to provide high-speed internet globally without disruption. Current satellite broadband providers for inflight Wi-Fi use satellites in distant orbits with slow speeds. Starlink's vice-president envisions a future where every passenger can stream on planes just like at home.

Massive outage brought down most Apple services, including iCloud and iMessage (2 minute read)

Apple experienced far-reaching network outages yesterday that affected many of its services. The outage affected both services used by customers and internal tools. Apple Store employees had to use pen and paper to keep the stores running during the outage. All services have been restored. A list of the affected services is available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

The new Flying-V substantially upgrades speed and carries passengers in its wings (1 minute read)

The Flying-V is a novel plane design that improves fuel efficiency, speed, and passenger room. Its passenger cabin, cargo compartment, and fuel tanks are all located in its wings. The aerodynamic form of the Flying-V lowers fuel consumption by 20% compared to contemporary aircraft. A video that explains the design is available in the article.

Strange new form of ice discovered in high pressure experiments (2 minute read)

Ice comes in at least 20 different forms. Scientists at the University of Nevada Las Vegas have discovered a new type of ice that may be found in the Earth's mantle or on distant watery planets. It was discovered as the team was developing a new technique to measure the properties of water under high pressure. Ice VIIt is made up of symmetrical tetragonal crystals. It is formed at around 5.1 GigaPascals of pressure.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Nebullvm (GitHub Repo)

Nebullvm is a library that creates optimized versions of AI models that can run up to 20 times faster. It identifies the best way to execute models on specific hardware without impacting the accuracy of the model. The library allows developers to benefit from deep learning compilers without having to spend time installing, testing, and debugging. Benchmark results are available.

React Arborist (GitHub Repo)

React Arborist is a fully-featured tree component for React. It provides all the common features expected in a tree, for example, it can open and close folders, efficiently show thousands of items, rename items, and drag and drop to reorder files. A live demo is available.

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Behold, a password phishing site that can trick even savvy users (4 minute read)

BitB, short for 'browser in the browser', is a type of phishing attack that is hard to detect even for tech-savvy users. It involves creating a fake browser window inside a real browser window to spoof an OAuth page using HTML and CSS tricks. The fake pop-up windows look genuine and show valid addresses complete with a padlock and HTTPS prefix. As they are images rendered by custom HTML and CSS, the fake pages can't be resized or dragged outside the primary window. A video that shows how the attack works is available in the article.

The Mac Studio’s removable SSD is reportedly blocked by Apple on a software level (3 minute read)

Apple's new Mac Studio has removable SSD storage. However, it can't be upgraded due to a software-level block. It is the only M1-powered computer where storage isn't soldered onto the mainboard. Apple sells user-installable SSDs for the 2019 Mac Pro. A video showing how to access the inside of a Mac Studio is available in the article.
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