TLDR 2022-02-02

Gmail's redesign 🎨, Cruise's driverless taxis 🚕, artificial wombs 👶

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Big Tech & Startups

Gmail’s next big redesign starts rolling out next week (3 minute read)

Google is rolling out its integrated view Gmail redesign next week. The new design adds Google Chat and Google Meet into Gmail. It will add a new navigation panel on the left side of the page for users to jump between Gmail, Google Chat, Spaces, and Google Meet. The rollout will begin by letting people opt-in to the changes, but the interface will become the standard by the end of Q2 2022. A screenshot showing some of the new changes is available in the article.

SpaceX reveals Starlink Premium service, new all-weather antenna (2 minute read)

SpaceX will start offering a Starlink Premium service package as early as Q2 2022. The new package will include significantly improved performance and an extra-rugged user terminal. The Premium dish's extra-rugged features could make it an option for users in extremely hot or cold environments. The Starlink Premium dish will cost $2500 and it will cost $500 per month for the Premium subscription, which gives users speeds of up to 500 Mbps and 24/7 prioritized support.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Chinese Scientists Create System to Care For Embryos in Artificial Womb (2 minute read)

Scientists from China have developed an AI system that can monitor and care for embryos as they grow inside artificial wombs. It has already been used to care for a number of animal embryos. Experimentation on human embryos is forbidden under international law, but the scientists claim that the system would be safer than natural childbearing. Despite its potential ethical issues, the technology could one day help couples that are struggling to have children finally become parents.

Cruise opens driverless robotaxi service to SF public (3 minute read)

Cruise is opening up its driverless cars in San Francisco to the public. The rides will be free for now. People who want to sign-up for a ride can do so on Cruise's website, which is linked in the article. Cruise currently operates five of its robotaxis around certain parts of San Francisco between 10 PM and 6 AM. The vehicles are authorized to travel at a top speed of 30 MPH. Cruise plans to expand to more cities soon. A video from Cruise showing its first few riders experiencing the driverless robotaxis is available in the article.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Fetch API has landed into Node.js (Hacker News thread)

Fetch API is now available in Node.js. Fetch is a modern browser API for making HTTP requests that is promise-based and designed to give better options around CORS and handling responses. Adding Fetch to Node allows easier re-use of the same application code or libraries on frontend and backend. This thread contains replies from a Node core developer answering questions about the new changes.

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Push Notifications, WebXR, and better PWA support coming to iOS (9 minute read)

The iOS 15.4 beta has added icon support in the Web App Manifest, Web Push, and many APIs, such as WebXL for AR and VR. Most of the changes were unannounced. This article gives a detailed overview of the changes and what they mean for developers.

Tesla recalls over 54,000 models over FSD update that disobeys stop signs (2 minute read)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a recall of 53,822 Tesla vehicles due to the Assertive mode on the company's Full Self-Driving software. Cars set on Assertive mode may perform rolling stops at all-way-stop intersections under certain conditions. It is unclear how often this occurs and there are no known crashes, injuries, or fatalities related to the issue. The rolling-stop functionality can be disabled through an over-the-air update, so Tesla owners likely won't need to go to any service centers.

Could the Great Resignation force techies to get career agents? (3 minute read)

Free Agency is a startup that provides career representation to mid to C-level candidates across product, engineering, marketing, and design. It helps candidates secure jobs and negotiate salary offers. The company estimates that it has so far set up 4,700 interviews and secured $200,000,000 in negotiated compensation. Candidates are charged 5% to 10% of their first year's salary as a fee. Employers can subscribe to a free service where Free Agency will share up to five candidates per week with them.
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