TLDR 2020-07-06

Galaxy Watch leaks ⌚, Uber buys Postmates 🚗, hybrid quantum networking ⚛️  

Big Tech & Startups

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 software detailed in new leak (2 minute read)

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 will likely feature customizable watch faces and updates to its music, email, and calendar apps. Some watch faces will use a feature called 'informative digital edge' which will display custom details like heart rate or current steps around the edges of the design. Leaked images of the watch are available in the article. The images show a date of July 22nd on the watch faces, suggesting a date for its reveal. Samsung is expected to release two size variants with LTE and Wi-Fi-only options.

Uber to purchase Postmates for $2.65 billion (1 minute read)

Uber will purchase Postmates for $2.65 billion. Postmates will be combined with Uber Eats. The deal is expected to be announced as soon as today. The combined companies will have a 37% share of food delivery sales in the US. DoorDash will still remain the largest competitor with a 45% market share. GrubHub, which has a 17% share of the food delivery market in the US, was recently sold to Just Eats for $7.3 billion. 🚀 Science &
Science & Futuristic Technology

‘Hybrid’ Quantum Networking Demonstrated for First Time (4 minute read)

Researchers in France and the US demonstrated hybrid quantum networking in an experiment that combined two methods of encoding information in photons. Quantum systems can encode information as either Discrete Variables in particles or Continuous Variables in waves. Scientists were able to combine the two techniques by establishing and distributing entanglement between DV and CV encoded states of light within a single quantum network. The technique is likely an important step in creating the next generation of quantum systems.

There's Now an Artificial Cartilage Gel Strong Enough to Work in Knees (3 minute read)

Researchers from Duke University have developed a material that matches the properties of the cartilage found in our bodies. There are over 790,000 knee replacements a year in the US. The new hydrogel could mean that doctors can replace worn-out or damaged cartilage instead of replacing an entire knee joint. Tests showed that the hydrogel was just as resistant to wear and tear as real cartilage and more durable than the artificial cartilage that is used today. It could take up to three years before the new hydrogel is approved for use in humans.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Rich (GitHub Repo)

Rich is a Python library for rich text and formatting in the terminal. It can add color and style, pretty tables, progress bars, markdown, syntax highlighted source code, and more. Examples are available in the repository.

Rocket Redis (GitHub Repo)

Rocket Redis is a Redis GUI. It is currently under development. A screenshot of the GUI is available in the repository.

Crypto social media platform Voice finally launches on EOS (3 minute read)

Voice is a new social media platform that rewards its users for quality content. It is based on the EOS blockchain. Users on the platform are rewarded with Voice tokens for posting quality content. Voice's launch was delayed as the company changed CEOs and split off from to become its own company. The platform is now available to the public to browse. Users who want to publish content will have to register.

How Have I Been Pwned became the keeper of the internet’s biggest data breaches (12 minute read)

Have I Been Pwned was launched in 2013 to help people find out if they have fallen victim to a data breach. It currently has just under 10 billion records and it processes thousands of requests each day. The site handles a lot of sensitive information. Troy Hunt, the creator of the site, had to make many judgments on what data to allow on the site and what access users should have. Hunt prioritized the safety and security of the data, and when he offered the site up for sale, it was to ensure that the site would be eventually passed on to good hands. Several parties attempted to buy the site but Hunt turned them all down in the end. Hunt will continue operating the site, loading over 102 million records into the site's database in June alone.
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