TLDR 2020-03-04

Google cancels IO ⚠️, experimental wormholes 🕳️, iPhone night mode challenge 📱

Big Tech & Startups

Google cancels ‘physical’ I/O 2020 due to coronavirus concerns (2 minute read)

Google will not host an in-person I/O 2020 due to coronavirus concerns and will look into an alternative format for the conference. The event was to be held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre across the street from the Googleplex headquarters. Tickets will be fully refunded by March 13 and those who bought tickets will be automatically eligible to purchase passes for I/O 2021. Google may not commit to the original May 12-14 timeframe. It will be providing $1 million to local Mountain View organizations to raise awareness about the coronavirus, aid small businesses, increase STEM education, and support organizations working with the homeless. The Google for Games Developer Summit and Cloud Next '20 have also been changed to online-only events.

Trading app Robinhood experiences ‘major outage’ for a second day amid heavy volume market action (3 minute read)

Robinhood experienced a second day of outages, keeping clients from being able to trade on a historic market rally. The issue was reported as fixed by Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday's stock session was volatile after the Federal Reserve cut interest rates in an effort to stem slower economic growth due to the coronavirus outbreak. Robinhood was last valued at $7.6 billion and has around 10 million users. Some users have threatened Robinhood with a class-action suit, but the company stands behind its customer agreement which says that the platform isn't responsible for any temporary interruptions as the company doesn't warrant that servers will be available and error-free every minute of the day. Despite this, Robinhood expects there to be class-action lawyers launching nuisance lawsuits. As a broker-dealer, Robinhood is required by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities Exchange Commission to have a backup plan in case something like this happens, so it might still face consequences from these organizations.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Down on the Farm That Harvests Metal From Plants (4 minute read)

There are about 700 known plants in the world that thrive in metal-rich soils that other plants can’t grow in. The plants collect metals with roots that act practically like magnets, hoarding the metals to 'ridiculous' levels. These plants could be used as a partial substitute for traditional mining and smelting. Phytomining won't be able to fully replace traditional mining, but it can be used to make toxic soils productive and as a way to clean up former mines and waste while collecting revenue.

Wormholes Reveal a Way to Manipulate Black Hole Information in the Lab (5 minute read)

Physicists predict that information can be transmitted across two black holes paired via quantum entanglement. If the theory is correct, it might offer clues on how to unite quantum mechanics with the theory of general relativity that describes gravity. It would also mean that the universe is created from the interconnections between particles described by quantum entanglement. The black holes involved in this theory aren't the usual ones found in space, but small ones that can be created on a lab benchtop using just a few atoms or ions.
Programming, Design & Data Science

SnapFont (Website)

SnapFont is a browser extension that allows you to easily test any font on any website. It doesn't require any login to use. There are almost 1,000 fonts available and it will work on websites that use React, Vue, or any other Javascript framework.

Theoretical interview questions (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a list of questions for data science interviews. Questions are labeled according to difficulty. Sections include Linear regression, Validation, Classification, Random forest, Gradient boosting, and more. The repository is still a work in progress and many questions have not yet been answered.

Apple reveals the best Night mode photos shot on iPhone (4 minute read)

The Night mode challenge was an event held by Apple to get users to share Night mode images shot on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Six winners were chosen from thousands of submissions worldwide and their pictures will be featured in a gallery on Apple's website, Instagram, and globally on billboards. The winners were from China, India, Russia, and Spain. Winning images from the Night mode challenge are available in the article along with commentary by the judges.

Just a few questions about this gamer bed (1 minute read)

Bauhutte, a Japanese retailer that sells furniture aimed at gamers, has released an 'ultimate gaming bed' that features an elevated headboard, desk, snack shelves, tablet holder, and more. It costs around $1,048. The bed is only single-sized and comes in red and black colors. Using the bed may impact sleep hygiene.
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