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Huawei passes Apple, curing HIV

Big Tech & Startups

Lyft says it’s ‘not in the transportation business’ to avoid complying with disability law (4 minute read)

A woman in Westchester County filed a class-action lawsuit against Lyft for not providing transportation options for people with disabilities. There are currently no options for people with non-foldable wheelchairs or scooters to ride with Lyft. Lyft has argued that the company is not in the transportation business in order to avoid complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. While Lyft claims to be a technology company, they have previously stated in their filing with the SEC that their mission was to ‘improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation’.

Huawei, the Chinese tech giant embroiled in controversy, just overtook Apple to become the second-largest smartphone maker (6 minute read)

Huawei was the only smartphone manufacturer in the top three that saw an increase in shipments in the first quarter of 2019. Despite the accusations of fraud and controversy over the security of its devices, Huawei surpassed Apple as the second largest smartphone maker after Samsung. While Huawei sold more units than Apple, Apple's smartphone revenue was more than double that of Huawei’s. There has been a global decline in smartphone sales as prices have generally increased and people have been upgrading their devices less often.
Science & Futuristic Technology

SpaceX successfully launches cargo mission to the International Space Station (2 minute read)

On Saturday, SpaceX launched a Dragon cargo capsule to deliver supplies and science experiments to the International Space Station. Two weeks ago, a passenger version of the Dragon spaceship exploded during tests due to a failure in one of the eight SuperDraco engines on the spacecraft. The SuperDraco engines are designed to propel the spaceship away from a dangerous rocket in case of emergencies. As the cargo version of the spacecraft was not fitted with the SuperDraco engines, both SpaceX and NASA were confident in the success of the mission.

End to Aids in sight as huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission (5 minute read)

A large scale study has found that antiretroviral drugs which suppressed HIV infections in patients also prevented the virus from spreading to other people. This means that if everyone with HIV went under the same treatment, the virus could possibly be eradicated. The study tracked almost 1,000 male couples where one party was infected with HIV, and while 15 patients contracted the virus, it was through contact with partners that were not involved in the study. In 2017, around 40 million people were infected with HIV worldwide, with around 21.7 million of these people being on antiretroviral treatments. Many people with HIV remain undiagnosed due to lack of access to care and the fear or stigma around contracting the virus.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Komiser (GitHub Repo)

Komiser is a tool that allows you to analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and governance, all in one place. It is able to uncover hidden costs and suggest optimizations to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness. A minute long video demonstration of Komiser is available to view.

PM Starter Pack (Website)

The Product Management Starter Pack is a practical action plan on how to break into product management. Product management is one of the most in-demand fields in tech at the moment, but most advice on how to break into the field is quite general and beginners are usually left without an idea of how to start. The guide covers basic skills, how to demonstrate these skills, and advice on how to get into the product management job market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says digital privacy 'has become a crisis' (4 minute read)

The state of online privacy has become a crisis, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Unlike companies like Google or Facebook, Apple does not focus on advertising and customer data. While other companies may sell or use customer data as a product, Apple focuses on keeping data safe and private. The issue of people’s increasing use of Apple’s devices was addressed, as Apple had removed apps that allowed people to remotely manage screen time on other devices. Apple stated that these apps were removed as they used Mobile Device Management technology designed to handle sensitive data for businesses.
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