TLDR Product Management 2024-07-05

The lifecycle of goals 🥅, improving product sense 💡, sales not logistics 💰

News & Trends

Bring the craft back to product management (17 minute video)

The lifecycle of goals: research, discover, deliver, monitor (5 minute read)

Opinions & Tutorials

How to know if you are improving your product sense (3 minute read)

The intersection of creativity and analytics (2 minute read)

Product-market fit is not enough anymore. You need position-market fit (3 minute read)

Resources & Tools

Product manager interview rounds (4 minute read)

Jargon used with cross-functional counterparts: a guide (3 minute read)

Why positioning is challenging (5 minute read)


Sales, not logistics (4 minute read)

Solera IPO: S1 breakdown (10 minute read)

Quick Links

Relying on the product demo rather than a slide deck (1 minute read)

A dichotomy to manage, not a problem to solve (2 minute read)

The user engagement framework (1 minute read)

Curated deep dives 💡, trends 📈, and resources 🛠️ for effective product managers
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