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Netflix's TikTok competitor 📱, origami habitats 🏠, new AI search engine 🔍

Big Tech & Startups

Netflix tests a TikTok-style feed for kids (2 minute read)

Netflix is testing a new feed on its iOS app designed for kids. Kids Clips will use a similar interface to TikTok and show short clips from Netflix's library of children's content. The amount of clips users are able to watch is limited to up to 20 clips in a single sitting. Netflix considers TikTok a major competitor, so the new feature is likely aimed at stealing time away from the service. The feature is launching this week in the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Spanish-speaking Latin America.

Microsoft’s new $249 Surface Laptop SE is its first true Chromebook competitor (3 minute read)

Microsoft has unveiled a new $249 Surface Laptop SE. It will be sold exclusively to schools and students. The laptop will be running Windows 11 SE, a new student edition designed to compete with Chrome OS. It will feature an all-plastic body, an 11.6-inch display with 1366x768 resolution, a 1-megapixel front camera, a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, and more. Schools will be allowed to replace components inside the laptop and it will come with standard screws.
Science & Futuristic Technology

A New Origami Lunar Habitat Can Unfold Into 750 Times Its Own Size (3 minute read)

SAGA's LUNARK is a habitat designed to help people live on the lunar surface. It has a carbon fiber shell that is arranged in an origami format that allows it to expand to 750 times its size. The habitat can withstand extreme weather conditions, but inside, it offers the comforts of home. When folded, it can fit inside a shipping container, and it only takes two people to set up. Pictures of the habitat are available in the article.

Alternative rocket builder SpinLaunch completes successful first test flight (3 minute read)

SpinLaunch is a startup that is developing a launch system that uses kinetic energy as its primary method to get spacecraft to orbit. It recently conducted the successful first test flight of a prototype of its vacuum-sealed centrifuge in New Mexico. The centrifuge accelerates projectiles to high speed and then releases it at many thousands of miles an hour for launch. Using this approach will mean that rockets will need less fuel, resulting in a reduction in the size, complexity, and costs of rockets.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features (31 minute read)

Many users are not aware of all the features in tools that they use on a daily basis. This article presents the lesser-known features of PostgresSQL. It includes tips on how to match against multiple patterns, multiple ways to produce a pivot table, how to keep a separate history file per database, and much more.

Simple.css (Website)

Simple.css is a classless CSS framework for making good looking websites really quickly. There are no CSS classes anywhere in the CSS or HTML. Simple.css is lightweight and fully responsive and it features a sans-serif local font stack, automatic dark mode, and sensible defaults that format standard HTML elements.

AI-driven search engine takes on Google with $20M (6 minute read) is an open-source search engine that has just announced its public beta launch. The site uses natural language processing, a form of AI, to understand search queries, rank results, and semantically parse queries into different languages. It will attempt to serve the most useful content on the front page. The platform doesn't sell personal information nor does it track its users. is currently ad-free, but it has committed to never offering targeted privacy-invading ads.

Portugal Makes it Illegal for Your Boss to Text You After Work (2 minute read)

Employers could face penalties for contacting employees outside work hours, according to new laws passed by the Portuguese parliament on Friday. The laws were introduced following the expansion of home working during the pandemic. Employers who contact employees after work will be forced to pay for increased expenses as a result of working from home. Employers are also banned from monitoring workers at home. Workers will be required to meet with their employers every two months to stop isolation.
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