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Tinder Plus One ❤️, LinkedIn China closes ⚠️, McPlant burger 🍔

Big Tech & Startups

Tinder is releasing a new ‘Plus One’ feature to help users find a wedding date (2 minute read)

Tinder is rolling out a new Plus One option for users to signal that they are looking for a date to a wedding or are willing to be one. Plus One will be accessible within the app's Explore section. Tinder is partnering with WeddingWire to give the first 100 eligible Tinder users to join Plus One $460 to help cover the costs associated with attending weddings. The company has been rolling out new features and safety tools in recent months to give users more options to find and interact with dates.

Microsoft to shut down LinkedIn in China (1 minute read)

Microsoft will shut down its local version of LinkedIn in China due to a significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements. A Chinese regulator told LinkedIn in March to better regulate its content as some users had published prohibited content on their profiles. Microsoft will launch a new job site called InJobs that will not include a social feed or allow users to share posts or articles.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Absolute Zero? A New Record Was Set for the Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded (2 minute read)

A multi-organizational team of researchers from Germany and France has set a new record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in a lab at 38 picokelvins. While the experiment only lasted two seconds, it achieved much lower temperatures than previous attempts in experiments conducted on the International Space Station. The researchers believe that they can get even closer to absolute zero using the setup. The achievement could have wide-ranging implications for the field of particle physics.

Skyhooks Might Just Make Rockets a Thing of the Past (13 minute read)

Skyhooks could make space exploration and travel a more routine affair for our species. A skyhook could sit in orbit and fling spacecraft into space using rotational momentum. Getting rockets into space takes up a lot of fuel. Most of a rocket's mass is due to the storage of this fuel. Using skyhooks would enable spaceships to travel further with less fuel while carrying more useful materials. It is unlikely that a skyhook will be made any time soon, but the benefits are great enough that companies will likely invest in such a system in the future.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Ddosify (GitHub Repo)

Ddosify is a high-performance load testing tool. It is protocol-agnostic and scenario-based and it can test system limits across different load types. Examples are available.

StackGres (GitHub Repo)

StackGres is a fully-featured platform for running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes. It comes with a carefully selected and tuned set of surrounding PostgreSQL components. StackGres features high availability, connection pooling, automated backups, monitoring, centralized logging, and a fully-featured management web console.

How Coinbase Phishers Steal One-Time Passwords (5 minute read)

A recent phishing campaign targeted Coinbase users. The operation involved using random email addresses to create accounts on Coinbase and then sending phishing emails to the addresses that already had accounts set up. Users would then be prompted to enter their personal information on a phishing site. The site had a mechanism for capturing one-time passwords. The best way to sidestep phishing scams is to avoid clicking on links from unsolicited emails, text messages, or other media, and never provide any information in response to an unsolicited phone call.

McDonald’s will serve Beyond Meat McPlant burgers in select US locations next month (2 minute read)

McDonald's will start selling plant-based Beyond Meat burgers in eight locations in the US starting on November 3. The McPlant has been piloted in a number of international locations already. McDonald's plans to broaden the McPlant line to include plant-based versions of chicken, pork, and egg. A list of the locations where the McPlant will be served is available in the article.

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