TLDR Daily Update 2021-10-11

Google's Magic Eraser ✏️, glowing plants 🌱, Tesla beer 🍺

Big Tech & Startups

Microsoft Just Became the First Big Company to Commit to Right to Repair (2 minute read)

Microsoft has agreed to make it easier for customers to independently repair its devices. As You Sow, an investor advocacy nonprofit, filed a shareholder resolution with the SEC in June requesting that Microsoft examine the environmental and social benefits of making its devices more easily repairable. The shareholder resolution was withdrawn after Microsoft made a series of critical concessions and committed to examining its repairs situation. The FTC agreed to adopt the stance that people should be able to repair their own gadgets in July.

Google Pixel 6 leak teases Magic Eraser feature, plus five years of Android security updates (2 minute read)

Leaks from a marketing website seem to confirm that the Pixel 6 will have a new Magic Eraser feature and get five years of Android security updates. Magic Eraser can remove unwanted objects in photos with just a few taps. Google will officially introduce the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro at its annual autumn hardware event on October 19. Links to archived versions of the pages containing the leaked info are available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

MIT Wants to Replace Lights With Glowing Plants (2 minute read)

MIT created light-emitting plants in 2017 and has been optimizing them to be able to be bright enough to illuminate a home or office workspace since. The plants are now able to be charged by a LED in just 10 seconds and last for several minutes. They use a specialized nanoparticle and an enzyme called luciferase to absorb light, store some of it, and emit it gradually. A type of light capacitor was created to make the plants glow longer. The glowing plants are able to photosynthesize without any interference from the nanoparticles.

New robots patrolling for 'anti-social behaviour' causing unease in Singapore streets (3 minute read)

Singapore has started to employ robots to patrol its streets to detect undesirable social behavior. The robots patrolled a housing estate and shopping center as part of a three-week trial during September. Singapore is frequently criticized for its tight controls. The country is set to increase its use of intrusive surveillance technologies. Its government says that the use of patrolling robots is a response to an impending labor shortage as the population ages. Using robots reduces the number of officers needed for foot patrols.
Programming, Design & Data Science

bor (GitHub Repo)

bor is a source code searcher written in Python. It can search for 'class' and 'def' keywords in source files and directories. Examples are available.

dos-like (GitHub Repo)

dos-like is a library for writing games and programs that attempts to recreate the look, feel, and sound of old DOS programs on modern platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It includes examples of classic DOS techniques and effects. Screenshots are available.

Elon Musk Says That Tesla Is Making Its Own Beer (2 minute read)

Tesla has produced a Cybertruck-themed beer as part of its development of Giga Berlin’s campus. The GigaBier’s bottles were inspired by the Cybertruck's sharp angles and futuristic design. Giga Berlin will have a train station and graffiti murals throughout the factory. It is very rare for a car company to create a beer due to the association with drink driving. Tesla has sold tequila before as a limited release.

iPhone Macro: A Big Day for Small Things (12 minute read)

Macro photography is a field of photography that focuses on extreme close-ups of things magnified up to 10x. The iPhone 13 Pro features a new camera that can focus on objects less than an inch away. This article explores what the new lens unlocks, some details in its implementation and how it works, and much more. Examples of macro photography and the difference between lens types are available in the article.
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