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Big Tech & Startups

Twitter takes on Facebook Groups with invite-only Communities (3 minute read)

Twitter has launched Communities, a feature that allows its users to form niche groups around specific interests. Users can tweet directly to other members once they join a Community. Each Community will have its own moderators that can set rules and invite or remove people. Anyone can apply to create their own community. The feature is invite-only for now as Twitter works on ways for people to discover and join Communities they want to be part of. A GIF demoing the feature is available in the article.

Amazon’s cashierless tech is coming to Whole Foods next year (2 minute read)

Amazon will bring its Just Walk Out technology to two new Whole Foods locations next year. Customers at the new stores will have the choice to pay using a self-checkout, customer service booth, or by having the new technology automatically bill them. The stores will still have comparable numbers of workers to similar-sized stores. Customers will need an Amazon account to use Just Walk Out. The technology will support all of Whole Foods' selection without customers needing to adjust any shopping habits.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Scientists Are Creating Vaccines For Type 1 Diabetes (5 minute read)

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks and destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, causing sugar to build up in the bloodstream. There is no cure, though there are treatment options. As the disease is caused by an incorrect immune response, a diabetes vaccine would need to inhibit the immune response rather than boost it like conventional vaccines. Inverse vaccinations can affect the entire immune system, so scientists have been studying antigen-specific vaccines. Several vaccines are already in trials.

LG claims its β€˜Real Folding Window’ beats folding glass, will ship in 2023 (3 minute read)

LG's Real Folding Window is a new material that is as hard as glass while being foldable. The new material can make folding screens that last longer and with a less noticeable crease than current folding devices. It should work on tablets, laptops, and rollable-screen phones. The new material could unlock a lot more phone designs as screens will be able to fold outwards. LG plans to commercialize the tech in 2023.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Structured text tools (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a list of text-based file formats and command-line tools for manipulating them. It also includes tools for producing structured text output and CLIs for single-file databases. (GitHub Repo) is a portable runtime for training and using deep learning on time series data. It runs as a container, with applications calling a simple HTTP API. includes a library of components for streaming and processing time series data. A 60-second video demo is available.

Impossible Foods launches chicken substitute in U.S. restaurants, announces grocery release (3 minute read)

Impossible Foods has launched its meatless chicken nuggets in restaurants. Impossible Chicken Nuggets will be available in supermarkets by the end of the month. The nuggets use soy as their main protein source. Impossible estimates that the nuggets use 48 percent less land, 43 percent less water, and generate a third less greenhouse gas emissions than real chicken nuggets during production. The nuggets contain 40 percent less saturated fat and 25 percent less sodium than chicken nuggets.

Space station astronaut captures breathtaking view of the edge of the Earth (2 minute read)

Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut currently residing inside the International Space Station, recently snapped a view of the Earth that shows the lights of the Earth battling it out with the light from distant stars. The image shows the orange emission of sodium atoms approximately 90 kilometers above Earth's surface, as well as a faint green band created by oxygen atoms being excited. The image and a link to Pesquet's Flickr account are available in the article.

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