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Tesla's solar neighborhood 🏠, Samsung event leakπŸ“± 🏠, Elon + Virgin Galactic πŸš€

Big Tech & Startups

Tesla launches initiative to build first solar neighborhood in Austin (3 minute read)

Tesla, Brookfield Asset Management, and Dacra recently announced an initiative to bring a large-scale sustainable neighborhood to Austin. The SunHouse at Easton Park will be the first Tesla Solar neighborhood. It will feature solar installations across all housing types and state-of-the-art sustainable features. The neighborhood will be built in phases to allow for ongoing learning and innovation. Residents will be provided with backup storage and may be compensated for returning power to the energy grid.

Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked device lineup may have been entirely spoiled in huge new leak (3 minute read)

Noted leaker Evan Blass unveiled a lot of the upcoming news from Samsung's next Galaxy Unpacked event in a series of tweets recently. The tweets revealed two new Galaxy foldables, a new Galaxy FE phone, two new Galaxy Watches, and a new set of Galaxy Buds. Each tweet includes a GIF that shows off the device. The event will likely take place on August 11. The tweets are available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

The Mini-LED Is the Future of Big Displays (3 minute read)

Mini-LED lights deliver a serious boost to contrast and dark-scene performance. While OLED displays are the benchmark against which other displays are judged by, they are expensive and have issues with brightness and image retention. Mini-LED screens are thicker, but this will likely not hold the technology back. OLED is still great for small devices, but Mini-LED will likely dominate larger, brighter displays in the future.

Stumble-proof robot adapts to challenging terrain in real time (5 minute read)

Researchers from Facebook AI have created a model for robotic locomotion that adapts in real-time to any terrain it encounters. Rapid Motor Adaptation was developed from the idea that humans and animals can change their movement automatically on different surfaces without any real understanding of the external environment. The system was trained entirely in simulation, and the resulting robot was able to walk on sand, mud, and other surface types with a high success rate. The technology can be generalized to train many other types of robots.
Programming, Design & Data Science

The Ultimate Guide to Onboarding New Developers: Industry Best Practices and How to Plan the First 90 Days (20 minute read)

This guide discusses how to onboard new hires effectively. A well-planned onboarding process can greatly increase long-term retention and increase new-hire productivity. Most organizations don't onboard well despite its importance. Onboarding programs should cover basic administrative tasks, have activities to help new hires assimilate to their teams and work environments, and help the new hire become productive and contribute to the team.

Kool (Website)

Kool is a development environment that makes using Docker for local development faster and easier. It supports all languages and frameworks. Kool is suitable for teams of all sizes and experience.

Search Atlas Shows How Google Results Differ Around the Globe (4 minute read)

Search Atlas is a tool that shows what Google results look like from around the world. Instead of returning one set of results, Search Atlas returns three columns of results selected from the more than 100 geographically localized versions of the search engine. The results show how differently the internet is experienced in other countries. Search Atlas aims to dispel the myth that search engines are neutral arbitrators of information. The different results can be due to attempts at localizing information. It is not always the result of information suppression.

Elon Musk has a ticket to ride on Richard Branson’s spaceplane (2 minute read)

Elon Musk bought a ticket to space from Virgin Galactic before Richard Branson's flight on Sunday. Virgin Galactic has sold around 600 tickets for SpaceShipTwo. Musk is friends with Branson. Buying the ticket was a friendly endorsement of Virgin Galactic's rocket-powered plane. SpaceX has its first astronaut mission in September. It will be a longer trip into orbit. A picture of Musk and Branson together hanging out the morning before Branson went to space is available in the article.
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