TLDR Marketing 2024-07-09

Gen Alpha tips 😎, BFCM email prep πŸ’Œ, podcast woes πŸŽ™

News & Trends

Generation Alpha: Unpacking the most diverse and globally interconnected generation (6 minute read)

Amazon's ad practices and algorithms facing scrutiny in EU (2 minute read)

Strategies & Tactics

Make every message count: 11 Black Friday/Cyber Monday email examples (12 minute read)

3 mistakes when setting up B2B referralsβ€”and how to avoid them (6 minute read)

Resources & Tools

Enhancing privacy and control: new ad experience and tools for TikTok users and advertisers (2 minute read)

3 SEO Tools for Keyword Intent, Audience (3 minute read)


How GitHub grows and makes money (9 minute read)

Don't Start a Podcast: 10 Lessons From 10K Downloads of Ahrefs Podcast (9 minute read)

How to implement dynamic pricing without alienating customers (6 minute read)

Quick Links

EDO: 2024's Top Ads To Date (8 minute read)

29 lessons about growth, PPC, mindset & more (12 minute read)

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