TLDR Marketing 2024-07-08

Retention email tip 🐢, social gaming πŸ•Ή, bye now to buy now πŸ‘‹

Get your brand in front of 4+ million tech professionals (Sponsor)

News & Trends

YouTube and Linked have games now (3 minute read)

Elon Musk's X: Flawed Grok AI chatbot to become more deeply integrated (3 minute read)

Strategies & Tactics

The "bye now" secret to making people buy now (2 minute read)

Email Marketing Tip for Retention (1 minute read)

Optimizing for AI Overviews (5 minute read)

Resources & Tools

Chatwoot: An open source chat bot that fits your brand (Tool)

How to Remove Copyrighted Music in YouTube Video Without Impacting Other Audio (5 minute read)

Forget Zoom, Meet, and FaceTime: This video-chat app beats them all (3 minute read)


Customer Inertia: How To Beat It And Increase Sales Beyond Expectations (5 minute read)

5 Signals You're Ready to Invest in a New Content Distribution Channel (6 minute read)

Quick Links

SEO is really easy (1 minute read)

SEO OKRs: Driving Performance & Measuring Impact (5 minute read)

Nike: Losing Its Swoosh? (7 minute read)

From Brand Strategy to Brand Fame: Your ticket to sustained growth and customer loyalty (33 minute read)

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