TLDR Founders 2024-07-05

Meta’s Threads Turns One πŸŽ‚, Riches in Niches πŸ’°, Building Effective Technical Teams πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Headlines & Trends

A Year Later, What Threads Could Learn from Other Social Networks (4 minute read)

Vertical Software, Riches in Niches (8 minute read)

Does AI Change How Much My Data Is Worth? (4 minute read)

Strategies & Tactics

A Guide to Building an Effective Technical Team (5 minute read)

How to Become a Master Negotiator Using These 7 Negotiation Techniques (9 minute read)

Dovetail: 15 Ideas You Can Borrow from Their $1B Journey (10 minute read)

Tools & Resources

State of Private Markets: Q2 2024 (3 minute read)

Europe and Israel's Founder Factories (12 minute read)

Airclap (Tool)

Most Websites Miss the Mark β€” But They Don't Have To (Sponsor)


The Magic of Small Engineering Teams (5 minute read)

Gradually, then Suddenly: Upon the Threshold (8 minute read)

Applying an Investment Mindset to Finance With Ramp's Alex Song (55 minute podcast)

Quick Links

Traits a VC Looks Out For in Founders (2 minute read)

What Separates "Ok" Versus "FIRE" Discovery Calls (2 minute read)

Don't Sleep on LinkedIn for Growth. How We Got Our First 189 Beta Testers (2 minute read)

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