TLDR Design 2024-07-09

Plastic Apple Watch ⌚, Canva CEO Interview 🎨, Nintendo Says No to AI πŸ€–

News & Trends

Nintendo Becomes the Biggest Company in the Games Industry⁠ to Say No to Using Generative AI (4 minute read)

Apple testing next-gen Apple Watch SE made with plastic to cut costs (1 minute read)

Canva CEO Melanie Perkins thinks the design world needs more alternatives to Adobe (3 minute read)

Opinions & Tutorials

Figma AI (3 minute read)

Getting the Most Out of Your UX Benchmarking (6 minute read)

Outside the UX Echo Chamber (4 minute read)

Launches & Tools

iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 UI Kit (Figma file)

3D Web Platform for Learners and Creators (Website)

Dark Patterns Hall of Shame (Website)


Facing our Interfaces (2 minute read)

The Best Things About Working in UX (6 minute read)

For studio Muse Muse, branding is quite like the art of storytelling (2 minute read)

Quick Links

Artist Conveys the Charm of European Cities Through His Textured Paintings (4 minute read)

Discover the Winners of this Year's BAFTA Young Game Designers (4 minute read)

Eight Stylish Nightclub Interiors Characterized by Novel Design Approaches (3 minute read)

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