TLDR Crypto 2022-08-05

Blackrock/Coinbase partnership 🪙, Meta NFTs launch 🖼️, Justin Sun supports ETH fork Ξ

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Markets & Business

BlackRock to Offer Crypto for Institutional Investors Through Coinbase Prime (2 minute read)

Blackrock has partnered with Coinbase to give institutional investors access to crypto trading, custody, prime brokerage, and reporting capabilities. Blackrock's investment platform Aladdin has more than 200 institutional users. Access to crypto services will be granted through Coinbase Prime, Coinbase's trading platform for institutional crypto investors. The companies will continue to develop the platform's integration and roll out new features in phases.

Meta Confirms NFT Rollout Across 100 Countries Amid Coinbase Integration (1 minute read)

Meta has started to roll out NFTs across 100 countries after integrating with Coinbase Wallet and Dapper. Instagram users in certain countries will now be able to showcase their NFTs. Meta plans to add support for Flow Blockchain. The company is testing NFTs on Facebook and it aims to enable cross-platform NFT posting.
Innovation & Launches

Sooo excited about this proposal for a Uniswap Foundation (2 minute read)

The Uniswap Foundation will be an entity independent from Uniswap Labs that will help grow the protocol and facilitate community contribution and governance. It will be set up as a steward for the protocol and work to strengthen it over time. A temperature check for creating the Foundation was recently posted. A link to the proposal is available.

Dtravel Completes First Smart-Contract Vacation Rental Booking (2 minute read)

Dtravel is a platform for booking accommodation using smart contracts. Users on the platform are able to book stays directly with the owner on the BNB chain. The platform gives hosts full autonomy over the terms of their hospitality. It recently completed its first smart contract booking at a property in London. Dtravel will be available to the public in the next two months.
Guides & Resources

Understanding “Native” Stable Coins (9 minute read)

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value is pegged to another asset class, usually USD. Native stablecoins are stablecoins that exist on their home blockchain. Bridges allow cryptocurrencies to exist on multiple blockchains by issuing representative wrapped tokens. These tokens can only be redeemed for their native counterparts through the bridge. Token holders are not able to redeem their tokens for native assets if the bridge is hacked and drained.

The different types of ZK-EVMs (10 minute read)

Many projects have been making zkEVM announcements recently. The core goal of these projects is to use zkSNARK technology to make it easier to verify the Ethereum chain or to create scalable zk-rollups. This article discusses the different types of zkEVMs. It looks at the subtle differences between current zkEVM projects, the tradeoffs they are making between practicality and speed, and the benefits and costs of trying to achieve each type.

Master of Anons: How a Crypto Developer Faked a DeFi Ecosystem (13 minute read)

This article tells the story of how the Macalinao brothers created a web of interlocking DeFi protocols that projected billions of dollars of double-counted value onto the Saber ecosystem. The scheme temporarily inflated the total value locked on Solana. It involved stacking protocols on top of each other so that dollars could be counted several times. The brothers are now looking to move their ecosystem to Aptos and many Solana developers are planning to join them.

Justin Sun’s Poloniex Will Support Ethereum Proof-of-Work Fork (3 minute read)

Poloniex will support and list ETHW, the proposed Proof-of-Work (PoW) version of Ethereum by Chandler Guo, a Chinese crypto miner. The forked chain will use PoW to allow miners to continue creating new ETH through computing power. It will be an entirely separate network and cryptocurrency from Ethereum. Starting next week, Poloniex will allow users to trade ETHW and ETHS at a one-to-one ratio with ETH.
Quick Links

VyperExamples (Website)

This page contains an introduction to Vyper with simple examples.

Agoric is a new Cosmos blockchain (3 minute read)

This Twitter thread introduces Agoric and its IST stablecoin.

Today, we’re announcing that Moonbirds and Oddities are moving to the CC0 public license (3 minute read)

The move is in line with the values of web3 and will begin a new and important phase of the project.

METIS is next up to explode (9 minute read)

METIS has DeFi blue chips on the way, a $100 million incentive program, a new smart ecosystem, and multiple small projects launching new versions.

Voyager Digital to Return $270 Million to Customers (2 minute read)

Voyager Digital has secured approval to return $270 million in customer cash.

More DeFi projects are adopting veTokenomics (6 minute read)

This Twitter thread discusses why DeFi projects are adopting veTokennomics, how veTokennomics works, and what makes it special.

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