TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-07-04

FTX-BlockFi deal πŸ’°, crypto trading psychology 🧠, next wave of crypto adoption 🌊

Innovation & Launches

DappRadar and LayerZero launch chain-agnostic staking token (2 minute read)

DappRadar and LayerZero have launched a token that enables cross-chain staking across multiple blockchains and Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible networks. Users will be able to stake RADAR tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and claim the rewards on BNB Chain. The service currently only works on Ethereum and the BNB Chain, but a rollout for Polygon is expected soon. An explanation of how the new staking mechanism works is available in the article.

TON Foundation launches Ethereum Name Service-like domain names (2 minute read)

The Open Network (TON) Foundation has launched TON DNS, a service that allows users to assign human-readable names to crypto wallets, smart contracts, and websites. The first .ton domains will be auctioned on July 30. The auction has been designed to be as decentralized as possible, with equal conditions for all participants. Coins from the sale of domains from the auction will be removed from circulation.
Guides & Resources

Next wave of crypto adoption will come from utility tokens of real-world companies (3 minute read)

Anyone can create a token to represent anything of value and trade it with any other asset on an open network. Tokens can be a powerful economic tool for supercharging business growth. Tokenizing a loyalty program would incentivize users to earn more rewards as they can be immediately cashed out on secondary markets. It would also extend a company's reach if its tokens are incorporated into other financial instruments.

Trading in the Zone (4 minute read)

This Twitter thread contains notes from 'Trading in the Zone', the Bible of Trading Psychology. Many crypto traders aren't profitable because their emotions are sabotaging their potential profits. The thread covers what trading psychology is, the different types of traders, mindsets, taking profits, trading mistakes, thinking in probabilities, and much more.

Let's talk about @dYdX and their decision to leverage the Cosmos SDK (2 minute read)

dYdX is a decentralized exchange built on StarkWare. Its development team recently decided to move the project to Cosmos. All transactions on StarkWare must pass through a centralized sequencer, which may be subject to censorship. Cosmos allows dYdX to build its own decentralized solution. The development team is able to improve their product themselves rather than waiting on StarkWare by switching to Cosmos.

Tokenized Real-World Assets (RWAs)

Bringing Real World Assets on-chain will make DeFi less speculative and create more societal impact.

I firmly believe we won’t all just be using MetaMask in a few years (1 minute read)

Everyone has different needs, so they will seek out specific product experiences that match those needs.

Central banks are in a tough position in their fight against inflation (2 minute read)

Countries around the world are experiencing high inflation at levels not seen for decades. Central banks measure inflation through the Consumer Price Index, which looks at the price of basic goods and services. They have tools to target inflation, such as setting interest rates, open market operations, reserve ratio requirements, and forward guidance. These tools haven't been effective and it is possible that there could soon be a major paradigm shift.

Financialized NFTs is an evolving space with huge potential (5 minute read)

Financialization transforms illiquid assets into tradable securities, which helps to channel cash flow to borrowers and fund significant economic development.

The Solana Mobile Stack (1 minute read)

A quick thread about the Solana Mobile Stack and the Saga phone.

Sam Bankman-Fried Says He’d Consider Acquiring Troubled Crypto Miners Next (2 minute read)

Bailing out crypto miners could help mitigate the contagion in the crypto sector.

Two Polygon, Fantom Front Ends Hit by DNS Attack (1 minute read)

Two remote procedure call interfaces provided by Ankr were exploited on Friday.

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