TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-06-02

LinkedIn for DAOs 👷, Web3 salary data 💰, Solana outage ☀️

Innovation & Launches

Dework Just Raised $5 Million. Could It Become Linkedin for DAOs? (2 minute read)

Dework, a startup almost like a Linkedin for DAO contributors, has raised $5 million in a seed round led by Paradigm and Pace Capital. The startup aims to make the process of contributing to DAOs clearer and easier for participants. DAOs currently don't have a good way of showcasing their roadmaps, so developers are forced to actively search and push for work. Potential contributors can use Dework to choose from a list of DAOs and open bounties, see recommended DAOs, and build profiles.

Optimism's OP Token Plummets After Botched Airdrop (2 minute read)

Optimism's OP token is down over 70% after its airdrop on Tuesday. The official tweet about the launch of the airdrop was made hours after the smart contract was already deployed. The token was already trading on both decentralized and centralized exchanges. Optimism community members complained that some claimants were able to receive tokens before the official announcement. There were also transaction delays, adding to the frustration. A governance proposal was submitted by a community member that suggested banning sellers of the initial airdrop from receiving future Optimism airdrops.
Guides & Resources

Know Your Worth in Web3 (Google Sheet)

This Google Sheet provides a reference for those working in web3 for compensation and benefits within the industry. It includes data such as location, ethnicity, years of experience, and gender identification. Anyone working in web3 can contribute to the list and share salary, benefits, and other relevant information to help other workers know their worth.

Web3, Full Stack Solidity, Smart Contract, & Blockchain - Beginner to Expert ULTIMATE Course | Javascript Edition (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a full course on web3, full-stack Solidity, and smart contracts. It focuses on using JavaScript, and all code references have both JavaScript and TypeScript editions. A link to the full 30-hour video course is available.

OpSec in Crypto & Web3.0 : Thoughts (4 minute read)

This article talks about security in crypto and web3 and provides many links for further reading. Cold wallet devices are not secure because they can be hacked if they fall into someone else's hands. The safest storage method is to hide a cold card or paper wallet. Anyone can use Ethereum securely like Monero if they follow the right procedures.

Some thoughts on sustainability in play-to-earn economies (3 minute read)

People in crypto tend to want to reinvent the wheel and ignore decades of real-world experience. Free-to-play games are sustainable due to a small number of players providing revenue. These players are able to support the game for those who do not want to spend money on the game, but still want to play. This model works because the whales don't mind spending money to keep playing the game. Without this mix of players, F2P games are not sustainable. Play-to-earn games face a similar problem, except that many players are trying to earn and are not playing to enjoy the game. This makes P2E games unsustainable.

Terraform Labs caught moving $4.8M through shell company (3 minute read)

FatManTerra has released information tying Do Kwon to a blockchain consultancy firm called Kernel Labs. A section that identified roles and responsibilities for the new Luna blockchain contained a reference to Kernel Labs. It has since been amended to remove the reference. Kernel Labs reportedly received 6 billion won from Terraform Labs. While the transaction could be for legitimate consulting services, the removal of any association between Terra and Kernel Labs appears suspicious.

Bug Brings Down Solana Blockchain for Four Hours (2 minute read)

A bug caused Solana to go down for over four hours yesterday. The bug was in the durable nonce feature that was designed for getting around the short lifetime of a transaction's recent blockhash. It caused part of the network to consider blocks as invalid so no consensus could be formed. The Solana network was restarted with the durable nonce feature disabled. A fix for the bug will be implemented in a future update.

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