TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-05-18

Coinbase integrates ENS Ξ, Robinhood non-custodial wallet πŸ‘›, a16z state of crypto report πŸͺ™

Innovation & Launches

ConsenSys, LivePerson Roll Out VillageDAO to Solve Crypto's Customer Service Problem (3 minute read)

VillageDAO is a project from ConsenSys and LivePerson that aims to build a solution to the lack of customer support in web3. The idea is to have a decentralized group of experts available to offer assistance to web3 users. Many decentralized services do not have a dedicated customer service department so users often have to turn to social media for help. VillageDAO will offer perks and rewards to incentivize community members to participate. Its first product will focus on MetaMask.

Coinbase is partnering with ENS allowing people to claim ENS id within Coinbase Wallet (Twitter Thread)

Coinbase has partnered with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to allow people to claim an ENS ID within the Coinbase Wallet. ENS is a naming protocol that makes human-readable domain names for cryptocurrency addresses. It aims to link all wallets, websites, and subdomains under one link, making crypto more accessible and less technical.

Fireblocks Deploys β€˜Web3 Engine’ for Firms Eyeing GameFi, NFTs (1 minute read)

Fireblocks has launched a software development kit (SDK) to let companies create infrastructure for applications involving NFTs and decentralized gaming. It is designed for securely managing NFTs at scale and to connect users to a broad ecosystem of marketplaces, exchanges, and bridges. The SDK is aimed at developers working in gaming, social media, and entertainment, as well as financial institutions already working with DeFi.

Ledger Adding Browser Extension to Connect Hardware Wallets to Web 3 Apps (1 minute read)

Ledger is adding a browser extension for Safari that will allow users to easily connect with web3 applications without using third-party dependencies. Ledger Connect will be compatible with the Ledger Nano X and Mobile Safari and support Ethereum and Solana during its beta launch. It will feature a security layer that will alert customers when certain apps appear suspicious. Support for the Ledger Nano S Plus and Desktop will be implemented at a later time.

Robinhood developing non-custodial crypto wallet launching later this year (3 minute read)

Robinhood is working on a non-custodial wallet that will give users sole custody over their private keys. The wallet will be able to store and trade cryptocurrencies, including many not available through the main Robinhood app, with no network fees. It will support NFTs and DeFi protocols. The wallet will be launched in beta later this summer. A waitlist is available for anyone interested in trying the wallet.
Guides & Resources

State of Crypto 2022 (40 minute read)

This report talks about the state of crypto and web3 in 2022. It covers crypto market cycles, layer 1 blockchains, layer 2 scaling, DeFi, stablecoins, web3 gaming, DAOs, and more. While it is still early days for web3, crypto is already making a real-world impact.

The On-Chain Gaming Thesis (5 minute read)

This article discusses how on-chain games will be the frontier for blockchain development for the next five years. On-chain games are video games written as smart contracts that exist entirely on the blockchain. The technology required to make on-chain gaming fun will push developers to innovate and create solutions that will impact all of web3. The on-chain gaming industry is young and developer tooling is still being created, but a community of skilled builders is starting to form.

Thread: some still open contradictions in my thoughts and my values (2 minute read)

This Twitter thread contains a list of thoughts by Vitalik Buterin about values he doesn't feel he has fully resolved. It covers topics like decentralization, culture, the state of the world, and more. While Buterin may be idealistic about some issues, he is well aware of what is desired or possible in the real world.

ApeCoin Migration Draws Interest From Avalanche, Flow (4 minute read)

Board members of ApeCoin DAO have received offers from Avalanche and Flow to move ApeCoin off the Ethereum blockchain. Avalanche would enable Yuga Labs' ecosystem to exist on its own subnet, allowing its transactions to be isolated and preventing the broader network from clogging. Flow's blockchain offers a similar value proposition and it has a proven system for handling high-transaction volumes. Moving to its own chain will yield many benefits for ApeCoin, but there are still many possible complications. ApeCoin DAO has yet to vote on any proposals for a chain migration.

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