TLDR Crypto 2022-05-04

Kraken NFT marketplace 🖼️, Gemini studios 👨‍💻, zkSync airdrop strategy 🪂

Innovation & Launches

Gemini Launches Web3 Design Studio Superlunar (2 minute read)

Gemini has launched Superlunar, a web3 research and design studio that will focus on design and security problems in the web3 ecosystem. It will contribute to open-source projects and sponsor external developers and teams. Superlunar will contribute to projects on multiple blockchains. Gemini is now the ninth-largest crypto spot exchange.

Waitlist Launches For Kraken NFT, Which Promises Zero Gas Fees (2 minute read)

Kraken has opened the waitlist for its upcoming NFT marketplace. Kraken NFT will have zero gas fees for NFT sales and transfers, a built-in rarity tool, cash and crypto payments, and support for Ethereum and Solana NFTs. There are many existing NFT marketplaces, but gasless transactions will help Kraken NFT stand out. Its rarity tool will mean users won't require third-party sites to verify the rarity of an item. The marketplace is expected to launch in the next few months.

Building Bridges (3 minute read)

Hop began development after the team saw Ethereum users leaving for cheaper and more centralized chains. It released its whitepaper in January 2021 after Vitalik Buterin called for developers to experiment with scaling solutions. Hop launched its mainnet in June 2021 with a single asset and has since grown to around $130 million in total value locked with support for ETH, DAI, USDT, MATIC, Arbitrum, and Optimism. The Hop team plans to decentralize Hop's governance and turn it over to the community.
Guides & Resources

Launching NFT.JS 2.0 - the next level (15 minute read)

NFTJS 2.0 is now available. NFTJS is a JavaScript library for implementing NFTs into decentralized apps. NFTJS 2.0 adds more EVM-based networks and support for ERC1155. It also integrates minting fees and transfer charges. More details about the update are available.

zkSync strategies (4 minute read)

zkSync, a layer 2 solution on Ethereum that focuses on scaling and privacy, is likely to issue a retroactive airdrop due to its focus on community ownership. This Twitter thread discusses several protocols to use on zkSync to have a chance at being included in an airdrop. It includes bridges, exchanges, NFTs, DEXs, and more.

How to make moar monies in @terra_money w/your $LUNA or $UST? (2 minute read)

This Twitter thread discusses 10 ways to make more money from the LUNA/UST ecosystem. It covers staking, getting cheap LUNA from Kujira liquidations, arbitrage opportunities, NFTs, and more. The protocols mentioned are still experimental technologies, so beware of the risks and don't risk more than you can.

A Call for Exceptional Blockchain Engineers to Join Fuse! (Sponsor)

Fuse is on a mission to build the most consumer and business-friendly ecosystem for DeFi and web3 payments. Launched in 2019, the EVM-compatible blockchain has processed 70m transactions and hosts 1m wallets with a multitude of real-world implementations spanning the sharing economy, UBI, and charity. Learn more.

El Salvador Debt Risk Looms as Bitcoin Bond Has Yet to Launch (3 minute read)

El Salvador has an $800 million bond due in January. Its Bitcoin Bond has yet to reach the market as the government still needs to introduce legislation necessary for the bond to move forward and will be postponed until as late as September. Prices for the country's debt collapsed by 15.1% in April, the second greatest national drop after Ukraine. El Salvador's relationship with the International Monetary Fund is now practically dead due to the country's adoption of Bitcoin. President Bukele maintains that the country is at zero risk of default.

Genie Accuses Rival Gem After DDoS Attack (3 minute read)

NFT aggregator Genie's website experienced a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on May 1. Its founder accused rival site Gem of being behind the attack as its URL was tied to the DDoS requests. Gem has denied that it was behind the attack and claims that it had also been DDoS attacked this week. Genie's user base has grown from 364 to 522 users since the accusatory tweet.

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