TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-04-15

Open Metaverse launch 🌎, inflation stablecoin uses 🪙, building decentralized Twitter 🐦  

Innovation & Launches

Opera brings Crypto Browser to iOS with Web3 services and built-in wallet (2 minute read)

Opera has announced that it will bring its Crypto Browser Project to iOS. The browser will provide user-friendly access to web3 services. It has a built-in crypto wallet and it also protects against cryptojacking scripts. The wallet currently provides support for Ethereum, Polygon, and Celo ecosystems, with more integrations planned. Opera's Crypto Browser is already available for Mac, Windows, and Android.

Solana NFTs Now Heading to Rarible Following OpenSea Debut (3 minute read)

Rarible Protocol has integrated Solana NFTs and launched a custom marketplace for the Degenerate Ape Academy, a popular Solana NFT project, and its related NFT projects. Rarible is a protocol that other projects and creators can use to develop custom platforms. Besides Solana, it supports Ethereum, Flow, Tezos, and Polygon. Solana was also recently added to OpenSea.

Introducing OM (20 minute read)

OM is an experiment on building an engaging, inclusive, and integrated open metaverse. Its goal is to be a decentralized open metaverse that can scale to 100 million people. There will be 10 cities, each with hundreds of districts, towns, and villages. OM is currently in alpha and the developers are looking for input on where to take the project. This Twitter thread introduces the concept of OM and its plans for development.
Guides & Resources

On the use case of $FPI (3 minute read)

FPI is an inflation adjusted stablecoin launched by Frax Finance. Inflation in the US is consistently positive over time, so holding inflation adjusted dollars is better than holding dollars. FPI allows holders to receive the equivalent of a cost of living adjustment on their balances while staying liquid. This Twitter thread discusses the use case for FPI and also the challenges to adoption the token faces.

Here are 7 things to do on Arbitrum right now (4 minute read)

There are lots of rumors at the moment about an Arbitrum airdrop. The chances of a token are much higher than not. How Arbitrum will distribute its token is unknown. This Twitter thread lists seven things to do that should cover all bases for any potential airdrop.

A thread on crypto indices and why they're currently nothing like S&P 500 indices (2 minute read)

In traditional finance, equity indices are usually market capitalization weighted, meaning that they own more of the companies that are worth more. The indices are also made up of mature, revenue producing, and almost all profitable companies. These statements don't apply to crypto assets yet. While crypto indices are useful for reference, they are subjective calls on the industry.

THORChain is the perfect DEX for #BTC (2 minute read)

This Twitter thread introduces THORChain and discusses how it is beneficial to Bitcoin holders. THORChain was one of the first cross-chain decentralized exchanges. It allows anyone to earn yield on their digital assets, including Bitcoin holders. Bitcoin holders can use THORChain to trade and earn yield with native Bitcoin in a decentralized way at scale.

US Treasury Connects North Korean Hackers to $622M Axie Infinity Exploit (3 minute read)

North Korea's hacking group Lazarus was allegedly responsible for last month's hack on the Ronin Network. The US Department of the Treasury added the wallet address belonging to the hackers to its list of sanctions for the Lazarus Group. Lazarus has been active since at least 2009. The attack on the Ronin network used many methods commonly employed by the group. About 18% of the stolen funds have been laundered so far.

FWIW, some thoughts on what a decentralized Twitter might look like (2 minute read)

This Twitter thread discusses what a decentralized Twitter might look like. It talks about how the platform would handle posts and messaging, monetization, integration with web3 and cryptocurrencies, and more. Decentralizing Twitter is possible, and doing so would democratize social media while helping Twitter's bottom line.

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