TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-03-23

AVAX wallet & BTC bridge πŸ”Ί, Fantom domains 🏠, how staking works ⚑

Innovation & Launches

Robinhood's New Debit Card to Offer Crypto Rewards (2 minute read)

Robinhood is replacing its current debit card with a 'Cash Card' that will offer credit card-style rewards that include crypto bonuses. It will have a round-up feature that can invest surplus change into stocks or crypto. Users who activate the round-up feature will receive a weekly bonus from Robinhood worth up to $10. Card holders will be able to arrange for their paychecks to be deposited directly into their accounts. The card will be offered to those on a waiting list first.

Fantom Domains launch dates (2 minute read)

This article shows the key dates for the launch of Fantom Domains. Fantom Domains will be made available in three phases: a reservation phase, an auctions period, and instant registration. Domains can be reserved for 30 FTM, which includes the registration fees for one year. Each address will be limited to five reservations and reservations can only be made for domains with five letters and above. The auction phase will start either on April 1 or when 1,000 reservations have been made. All three letter and above names not claimed during the first two phases will be available for instant registration after the auction period.

Lemonade Is Working With Avalanche, Chainlink on Weather Insurance for Farmers (2 minute read)

The Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition is a decentralized autonomous organization created by Lemonade, a $1.7 billion market cap company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The DAO will use web3 and real-time weather data to deliver affordable and instantaneous climate insurance for farmers. It will start its initial rollout in Africa by the end of the year. More information about how the insurance contracts will work is available in the article.

Avalanche Announces New β€˜Core’ Wallet, Bitcoin Bridge at AVAX Summit (2 minute read)

Avalanche plans to launch its own wallet and add Bitcoin bridging functionality to simplify the user experience and bring more assets into the Avalanche ecosystem. The Core wallet will allow users to directly interact with decentralized applications on the Avalanche blockchain. Avalanche will roll out a browser extension and mobile application later this year. The Avalanche Bridge will support Bitcoin in early Q2. Avalanche plans to support more blockchains using bridging infrastructure.
Guides & Resources

How Does Crypto Staking Work? (8 minute read)

Staking is a way of earning yield by locking up crypto through a centralized retail intermediary. This article discusses staking, how it works, and how it is creating such high yields. It covers the basics of staking, why cross-chain DeFi will boost yields, the difference between APR and APY, the problems with DeFi, airdrops, and much more.

10 interesting things I learned about how Yuga operates from their deck (4 minute read)

Yuga Lab's pitch deck recently leaked, revealing its plans for its upcoming metaverse and entry into streetwear. Otherside will be decentralized and interoperable. Yuga Labs plans to release software development kits to allow anyone to create their own characters, items, or minigames. Each land sale on Otherside will have a 5% chance of containing a Koda, Yuga Labs' next big NFT. The upcoming merch drop will be more than just hoodies and shirts. More details about Yuga Labs' leaked pitch deck are available in the thread.

A thread 🧡 on why the Bobu experiment could be most under-estimated experiment in the NFT space (3 minute read)

Bobu is a decentralized governance experiment in character IP management. The owner of Bobu fractionalized an Azuki NFT into 50,000 pieces and sold 20,000 tokens to the community. Token holders can vote on what happens to Bobu in the metaverse. Bobu will be a metaverse character with a personality, virtual life, and career. Any future collaborations and deals that Bobu will enter will be decided on by the community. 14,700 people participated in the Bobu NFT sale, raising a total of 200 ETH.

Cryptographic truth is a new form of trust-minimized computing & record-keeping (3 minute read)

Cryptography is the science of securely communicating in the presence of adversarial behavior. Blockchains use cryptography to solve a variety of problems and to create incentives. Chainlink extends cryptographic truth to off-chain computing. Users can define how truth is determined through Oracles. More information about cryptography, how blockchains use the technology, and how Chainlink is used to determine if off-chain events are real is available in the thread.

Bored Ape Yacht Club creator raises $450 million to build an NFT metaverse (4 minute read)

Yuga Labs has raised $450 million in funding and is now valued at $4 billion. It will use the money to build a media empire around NFTs. Yuga Labs' metaverse project, Other Side, is an MMORPG that will connect the broader NFT universe. It will allow NFTs from many projects to work inside the world. The game will put players in positions where they have to collaborate. There is no release date set for Other Side. Yuga Labs plans to release a play-to-earn game later this year.

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