TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-02-18

Binance high-yield staking 🥩, Cosmos Interchain accounts ⚛️, understanding veTokens 💡

Innovation & Launches

Interchain Accounts is the biggest upgrade to Cosmos since Stargate (2 minute read)

The Interchain Foundation, a non-profit steward of the Cosmos ecosystem, has announced the release of Interchain Accounts, a protocol that allows blockchains to access the application features of other blockchains. It is the largest software upgrade to the Cosmos cyberspace since Stargate. There are 38 projects utilizing the inter-blockchain communications protocol, with 8.4 million transactions in the past 38 days. deBridge, a cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol, also announced the launch of its mainnet on the same day. Similar to Cosmos' Interchain Accounts, deBridge allows projects to tap into various cross-chain opportunities.

Ethereum NFT Protocol TreeTrunk Promises New Royalty Options for Artists (3 minute read)

TreeTrunk is a new open-source protocol that lets artists sell subsets of NFTs to fans. The smart contract distributes royalty payments to creators and also collectors who make and sell authorized digital prints. Creators can set how many generations of prints their NFTs can have. TreeTrunk operates on the Polygon ecosystem, but the protocol can be integrated into any Ethereum-based platform. The protocol is still being refined and will launch in March.

Binance Launches New Staking Program For Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Binance has launched a new staking initiative dubbed the High-Yield Center that will allow SHIB holders to stake and earn up to 104.62% APY. The staking duration started from 17 February and will go for 10 days. Interest will be paid daily. Stakers can stake between 200 and 7 million Shiba Inu tokens. The initiative is available for other cryptocurrencies like Solana, Axie Infinity, Polygon, and Cardano.
Guides & Resources

Upcoming trends in DeFi (12 minute read)

The DeFi space is clearly maturing as more users are onboarded and fees drop. This will result in the introduction of more professional financial primitives. These services will attract a more mass-market audience. This article discusses the history of DeFi, how it was shaped by the constraints the space was operating in, and the emerging trends that are worth watching.

Dilutive DAOs: Building a Community in Perpetuity (8 minute read)

The crypto community is obsessed with assets that can't be diluted. While scarcity may be good for currencies like Bitcoin, it can cause problems within communities that use tokens. Communities are living entities that exist across time. While inflationary tokens may be more suitable for communities, they still have some issues. These could be mitigated by adjusting incentives to respond to attention and keep communities alive.

WTF are veTokens (12 minute read)

The veToken (vote-escrowed) model adds value to valueless governance tokens. It involves token-holders locking in their tokens in exchange for specific rights within a protocol. This article looks at the veToken model, its history, the pros and cons of the model, the strong price performance of tokens that have adopted the model, and the future of ve-tokenomics.

Trengible, observe the trendy NFT’s in real time (2 minute read)

Trengible is an easy-to-use platform for finding the trendiest NFTs of the moment. It uses data from OpenSea's NFT Marketplace to provide information such as market cap over different periods, floor price, volume traded over various time frames, and more. Trengible has a Twitter Bot that alerts followers about the latest NFT trends. Links to Trengible and screenshots of the platform are available in the article.

Biden seen issuing crypto oversight exec order next week (3 minute read)

An executive order is expected to be issued next week that will direct government agencies to study cryptocurrencies and a central bank digital currency and come up with a government-wide strategy to regulate digital assets. The administration has been engaged in a wide-ranging effort to regulate the sector. It will look at coordinating with other countries to standardize rules for crypto. Details about what each department will be researching are available in the article.

How the 'Big Short DAO' Bet Against the Crypto Market and Won (10 minute read)

Pseudonymous crypto trader GiganticRebirth issued a warning to his Twitter followers to sell their holdings at the peak of the market top last November. At the same time, the trader planned a series of short trades against overvalued altcoins. This article tells the story of RebirthDAO, GiganticRebirth, and the big short that involved about 30 tokens that RebirthDAO researchers have determined will likely trend to zero.

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