TLDR Crypto Daily Update 2022-02-17

Twitter ETH tips πŸ’Έ, x2y2 vampire attacks OpenSea 🌊, understanding tokenomics πŸ’‘

Innovation & Launches

Another NFT marketplace, x2y2, begins vampire attack on OpenSea (2 minute read)

x2y2 is a new NFT marketplace. It launched with a vampire attack on market leader OpenSea by airdropping millions of tokens to everyone who used the platform before January 2022. LooksRare, another popular NFT marketplace, launched with a similar strategy last month. x2y2's airdrop was paused on Wednesday due to complaints about difficulties claiming the tokens and will resume within 48 hours. There have been some concerns over sections of the airdrop claiming contract, with observers noting vulnerabilities that could result in NFTs being stolen. The x2y2 team has provided proof that they can't exploit the vulnerability.

Twitter lets you tip creators with Ethereum (1 minute read)

Twitter is expanding its tipping options to include Ethereum. Creators will be able to add their Ethereum addresses to receive payments through their profiles. Barter, Paga, and Paytm support were also added in the latest update. The three payment services are popular in India, Nigeria, and other countries where mobile payments thrive. These updates will make it easier for creators to operate in certain countries as their audience will be able to contribute.
Guides & Resources

Getting into Web3: A Guide for Developers (7 minute read)

This article provides an introduction to web3 for developers. web3 is a collection of technologies, concepts, and design patterns based on decentralization. The article provides links to articles, tutorials, sites, and more to onboard developers into the world of web3. It includes links to Discord communities and Twitter handles that regularly post interesting topics.

Buildspace (Website)

Buildspace is a school for developers to quickly learn how to build DAOs using JavaScript. The courses use the thirdweb JavaScript SDK, a library for creating web3 apps. Buildspace is designed for hackers, industry engineers, and students. Each project starts with a live session and students get access to a channel where they can share their progress with other developers.

Meet the πŸ¦„ #1inch's spot price aggregator, a πŸͺ„ magic #DeFi tool that enables immediate displays of token prices in the interfaces of websites and apps (1 minute read)

1inch is a tool that extracts and aggregates price data for tokens traded on decentralized exchanges. It supports multiple exchanges and all tokens traded on those exchanges. 1inch can be integrated into any place where a token price is displayed and needs to be converted into a fiat currency. A grant program is available for developers who want to build with 1inch protocols.

Last week, I asked you: "If I wanted to be top 0.1% at understanding/designing tokenomics, what's one resource you'd recommend?" (3 minute read)

This Twitter thread contains a list of resources for understanding and designing tokenomics. The thread lists some highlights of the best resources. A page with the full list of links is available in the first reply.

$33.5 billion worth of ETH β€˜trapped’ in largest Ethereum contract (2 minute read)

The single largest Ethereum contract is the Beacon Chain contract, which contains over 8.6 million ETH worth $33.5 billion. It is currently sitting idle waiting for the next Ethereum hard fork. The Beacon Chain staking contract was launched in late 2020. Ethereum is moving to a proof-of-stake consensus method in an upcoming upgrade. Traders must stake a minimum of 32 ETH in the contract to become a validator. The large amount of ETH in the contract shows the high demand and trust in the upcoming Ethereum 2.0.

Crypto VC Paradigm hires anon developer and high school student as research engineer (1 minute read)

Transmissions, an anonymous developer who attends high school 'in his spare time', has joined crypto venture capital firm Paradigm as a research engineer. He previously worked as a core developer and founding member of Rari Capital. Transmissions will be dedicating his time to working with Paradigm's portfolio companies. He will continue to build out the tooling and primitives that will power the future of web3.

Buckle up: China’s cities are going to the metaverse (8 minute read)

At least 10 Chinese cities and provinces started including the metaverse industry in their economic development plans in January. Shanghai already has a virtual city hall that is open to the public. Most cities are still defining the metaverse and working out what can be done in the metaverse. Companies that specialize in blockchain or digital art production have been invited to government seminars. Local governments are interested in the development of the metaverse due to its potential for investment and employment opportunities.

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