TLDR Crypto 2024-07-09

GOP Includes Crypto in Platform 🇺🇸, Solana’s Approach to Minimizing MEV 🤖, Building Family Wallet 🔧

Markets & Business

Bitcoin Price Retakes $57,000, Causing $160 Million in BTC Liquidations (2 minute read)

US Republicans under Trump include crypto in official party platform (2 minute read)

Innovation & Launches

On Orchestrating Parallel Broadcasts for Distributed Systems (9 minute read)

Multiple Concurrent Leaders (9 minute read)

Guides & Resources

Token listing strategy playbook (5 minute read)

Airdrop Analysis (3 minute read)


BTC's Security Model is Broken? (9 minute read)

A blog post on how Family Wallet was built (20 minute read)

Quick Links

Messi promotes a memecoin (1 minute read)

Top Projects to issue tokens (1 minute read)

Prediction Markets and Polls Both Got the French Election Wrong (4 minute read)

DeBank Launches XP Program (1 minute read)

Web3's Faster Liquidity (1 minute read)

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