TLDR Crypto 2022-09-01

Coinbase adds NEAR 🪙, Arbitrum Nitro upgrade ⚡, web3 compensation report 💰

The last thing you need right now is a critical vulnerability (Sponsor)

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“Coinspect did a security review for complex embedded code and came back with workable exploits and improvements suggestions in record time” – Nicola Bacca, CTO at Ledger (read more).

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Markets & Business

Ticketmaster Partners With Blockchain Firm Dapper Labs to Issue NFTs for Live Events (1 minute read)

Ticketmaster and Dapper Labs' Flow blockchain have partnered to enable NFTs for live events. This partnership will allow event organizers to issue NFTs before, during, and after live events to augment attendees' experiences. Ticketmaster has integrated a wallet feature and digital marketplace into its website. The company has minted more than five million NFTs on the Flow blockchain for its clients.

Coinbase will add support for Near Protocol (NEAR)

Coinbase is adding support for Near Protocol. Users who send NEAR over other networks will lose their funds. Inbound transfers are now available in regions where trading is supported. Trading will launch in phases starting on 9 AM PT September 1 or after liquidity conditions are met. Near support may be restricted in some jurisdictions.
Innovation & Launches

Ethereum Layer 2 Arbitrum Completes Nitro Upgrade (3 minute read)

Arbitrum Nitro is now live. The upgrade vastly increases the number of transactions the network can handle. It also reduces fees by 27%. The upgrade introduces a new prover that supports developer and user tooling built for Ethereum. It implements Arbitrum's AnyTrust technology, which provides a secure and cost-efficient scaling solution optimized for gaming and social applications.

Introducing KINETIC (1 minute read)

Kinetic is a multi-chain NFT aggregator. The NFT market presents a highly fragmented experience for the end user. Kinetic consolidates cross-market visibility, personalized data feeds, and predictive insights. The platform blends decision-making software and global liquidity into one interface.
Guides & Resources

The Future of On-Chain Gaming (6 minute read)

Crypto gaming is still in its very early stages. Advancements in technology allow new gaming genres to be built fully on-chain. This article discusses on-chain gaming and how crypto can bring value to both players and developers. It covers how games will use crypto, governance, community, identity, and more.

Navigating Web3 Compensation (8 minute read)

This report discusses crypto compensation among venture-backed crypto startups. It uses data collected from a survey of 18 companies varying in size from 2 to 80 employees. Nearly all teams headquartered in the US offer USD as their primary payment option, but stablecoins have a huge presence internationally. Equity ownership and token allocations are highly dependent on the company, stage, and entity structure. Most companies have remote work as their primary operating model.

District of Columbia Suing MicroStrategy Founder Michael Saylor for Tax Fraud (2 minute read)

Michael Saylor, founder and Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy, is being sued by the District of Columbia for allegedly never paying any income taxes in the more than 10 years he has lived there. The office is also suing MicroStrategy for conspiring to help Saylor evade taxes. Saylor lived in the district for at least 183 days per year, which is the minimum to be a statutory resident. The district is seeking more than $25 million in back taxes, damages, civil penalties, expenses, and fees.

The Decentralization of Liquid Staking (3 minute read)

Liquid staking allows people to deposit ETH as collateral for derivative tokens that can be held or used to increase returns. Users can use liquid staking to deposit small amounts of ETH without running a node. They can also withdraw their investments at any time. While liquid staking is good for customers, it could result in a staking provider having too much control over the network, so liquid staking demand must be serviced by a decentralized set of node operators.
Quick Links

Post EIP-4844, the L1 data fees component will be reduced by orders of magnitude (1 minute read)

It will be completely up to rollups how low fees are after EIP-4844.

El Salvador Will Invest Over $200 Million in Infrastructure Improvements for Bitcoin Beach (2 minute read)

Bitcoin Beach is a tourist hotspot in El Salvador that has a circular BTC economy.

Today we’re thrilled to be launching a slate of open sourced “Can’t be Evil” NFT licenses (1 minute read)

Can't be Evil licenses will protect creators' IP, grant NFT holders a baseline of rights, and help creators and their communities unleash the economic potential of their projects.

Enabling cross-chain composability: how @NEARProtocol’s Nightshade will disrupt DeFi (4 minute read)

Nightshade is Near's solution to scalability and cross-chain composability.

Aada Finance Launches The First Lending and Borrowing App on Cardano Mainnet (3 minute read)

Aada Finance V1 is scheduled for release on the Cardano mainnet on September 13.
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