TLDR Crypto 2022-04-07

OpenSea Solana beta, Meta's virtual currency 🪙, understanding tokenomics 💡

Innovation & Launches

Solana NFTs Can Now Be Traded on OpenSea (3 minute read)

OpenSea has added Solana NFTs to its marketplace. Solana is the second-largest NFT ecosystem. It can handle more transactions at a time than Ethereum with lower transaction fees. Solana experienced network issues shortly after the listings went live. OpenSea and Solana are working to fix performance issues.

Meta Exploring Non-Blockchain-Based Virtual Currency (1 minute read)

Meta has plans to release virtual coins, tokens, and lending services on its apps. It has been exploring the creation of a virtual currency for the metaverse. The company is considering using centrally controlled tokens rather than a blockchain-based digital currency. These plans are still in their early stages and could be dropped or altered. Instagram will support NFTs soon. A Facebook NFT pilot has been planned for mid-May.
Guides & Resources

NFT.JS - A Javascript library to implement NFTs (9 minute read)

This article introduces NFT.JS and provides a quick guide on how to use it. NFT.JS is a JavaScript library for implementing NFTs into decentralized apps. It can be used for developing decentralized marketplaces, social platforms, or anything else that requires NFTs. NFT.JS can deploy ERC721 contracts with all the required functions without developers writing a single line of Solidity.

How to Evaluate an Altcoin and Build an Investment Thesis (6 minute read)

The primary factors for evaluating an altcoin are its tokenomics, liquidity, narrative, and catalysts. These factors can help develop a strong thesis for buying a coin. This Twitter thread discusses the steps to follow after discovering a new project to asset its value and create an investment thesis. It uses Lend Flare, a recently launched token, as an example to demonstrate each step of the analysis.

The DAO Ecosystem in 2022 🧵(4 minute read)

This Twitter thread lists several types of DAOs and the companies that are currently building in the space. The different types of decentralized autonomous organizations include Investment DAOs, Protocol DAOs, Social DAOs, Educational DAOs, and much more. A table listing all the types of DAOs and the DAOs in the space is available.

Here's everything you need to know about Tokenomics (7 minute read)

This Twitter thread discusses tokenomics and what to look out for in a project. It covers the basics of tokenomics and how to evaluate projects through supply, demand, and incentives. Tokenomics is the study of the factors that drive the demand for tokens. Studying tokenomics will help improve your crypto investments and prevent you from making basic mistakes.

OpenSea ‘Sitting on Ticking Bomb’ as Lawsuits Pile Up Over Stolen Apes (6 minute read)

OpenSea is facing at least three lawsuits over stolen NFTs. The cases could potentially reveal the inner workings of OpenSea and invite other suits that the company will be forced to defend against. The current lawsuits are related to glitches, hacks, and phishing scams that resulted in users losing their NFTs. OpenSea gave reimbursements to some users, but many users have not been offered refunds. More details about the cases against OpenSea are available in the article.
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