TLDR Crypto 2022-03-25

Coinbase Cardano staking ⚡, understanding Stargate ⭐, guide to token-based compensation 🪙

Innovation & Launches

Coinbase Adds Cardano Staking Rewards (2 minute read)

Coinbase now offers staking for Cardano's native token ADA. Cardano is a proof-of-stake currency with a top-10 market capitalization that uses smart contracts to enable decentralized finances, NFTs, and other activities. Coinbase is estimating an annual return of 3.75% that will be distributed every five to seven days. Coinbase also provides staking services for Algorand, Cosmos, Ethereum, and Tezos.
Guides & Resources

Token compensation: a brief explainer for job candidates (4 minute read)

Many highly capable people from tech, traditional finance, and law are moving to the web3 space but they don't often fully understand the compensation structures in the industry. A lot of employees are compensated with tokens. This article explains the compensation structures crypto companies usually employ so that readers can better compare their value with more standard compensation packages.

Stargate is a revolution in cross-chain composability (8 minute read)

Stargate is a fully composable native asset bridge. Its multi-chain composability could open the door to a new generation of DeFi. Stargate allows users to access decentralized applications and assets across chains without leaving the safety of a preferred chain. It can be easily added to any protocol. This Twitter thread introduces Stargate and its tokenomics and explores the value of the protocol.

How should we vote $APE AIP 4-5? (3 minute read)

Printing money in the absence of economic growth leads to devaluation. Staking leads to lower liquidity and a more stable currency price. It can be useful in the early stages of a coin when there is no utility. Apecoin should be staked while its metaverse project is being developed. However, the current proposals leave out a reward cap and do not favor NFT holders. This Twitter thread discusses the problems with the current proposals being voted on by the Apecoin community and suggests improvements that will benefit the community.

The $ANC yield reserves are being depleted more quickly than before (4 minute read)

The Anchor protocol's reserves have been operating at a deficit, with current projections estimating that the reserves will last for only another 100 days. The rate of depletion depends on utilization, and utilization is at an all-time low. However, deposits and borrows are increasing and more users are helping to generate staking yield. Decreasing the Anchor earn rate and increasing protocol revenue will allow Anchor to reduce its reliance on the yield reserve.

Stargate Finance attracts $1.9B in six days (2 minute read)

Stargate Finance gained over $1.9 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL) in less than a week. Stargate's protocol allows users to transact native assets cross-chain and offers staking in pools paid out in Stargate tokens. Its large TVL is likely due to its up to 26% APY being offered on stablecoins. Stargate is currently live on seven chains and plans to add support for at least three more.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Could See Approvals by 2023 (1 minute read)

Spot bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) could be approved after a US SEC rule change that redefines exchanges. The change expands on the definition of an exchange and puts them under the SEC's regulatory framework. It is expected to be finalized sometime before May 2023. The SEC has denied all applications for US spot bitcoin ETFs that have been submitted to it.

Metaverse Fashion Week: 70 Brands Do Their Best to Showcase Style in Decentraland (2 minute read)

The Metaverse Fashion Week has kicked off on Decentraland. Anyone can experience the event by visiting the website linked in the article. The event features galleries, shows, and places to purchase digital wearables. Many major fashion brands are participating in the event.
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