TLDR Crypto 2022-03-21

Terra gaming platform ๐ŸŽฎ, understanding tokenomics ๐Ÿช™, SBF on inflation ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Innovation & Launches

Parallel Finance Launches DeFi โ€˜Super Appโ€™ for Polkadot Crypto Ecosystem (1 minute read)

Parallel Finance, a Polkadot-based lending protocol, has launched six DeFi products on its platform: wallets, staking, crowdloans, cross-chain bridges, an automatic market maker, and yield farming. It aims to build a super app to make the DeFi experience easier for newcomers. The products will migrate to Parallel's mainchain within three months. Parallel currently has over $500 million in total value locked and a 21% market share.

Web 3 Gaming Platform on Terra Blockchain Raises $25M in Token Sale (1 minute read)

Blockchain gaming platform C2X has raised $25 million in a private token sale. Investors include FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, and Animoca Brands. The platform is now valued at $500 million. It plans to launch a publicly traded token. C2X will be built on the Terra blockchain. Its development will be aided by Hashed, a major player in the Terra ecosystem, and Com2us, a South Korean game publisher.
Guides & Resources

A ๐Ÿงต about tokenomics (6 minute read)

The tokenomics of a project can determine its success. It is important to look for utility, supply, demand drivers, and other token dynamics when picking altcoins during a bear market. This Twitter thread looks at how to analyze an altcoin's tokenomics to make better investment decisions.

Whatโ€™s new in Aave V3? (5 minute read)

This Twitter thread gives a complete breakdown of Aave's new features. Portal allows supplied liquidity to flow between Aave V3 markets across different networks. eMode is designed to maximize capital efficiency when collateral and borrowed assets are correlated in price. Isolation Mode is a risk mitigation tool used primarily with newly listed assets. Other risk management improvements and optimizations are also discussed.

Here's a deep dive into StarkNet (5 minute read)

StarkNet is a general-purpose network where users can write and deploy smart contracts and interact with other contracts that allows any decentralized app to achieve unlimited scale for its computation. This Twitter thread takes a look at StarkNet and the technologies behind it. It covers ZK-rollups, ZK-STARKs, StarkEx, Cairo, Warp, and more. The thread links to more resources about StarkNet.

Introducing the NFT Analyst Starter Pack (2 minute read)

The NFT Analyst Starter Pack generates a CSV with all token transfers, historical sales, and metadata for a contact address. It makes exporting basic data associated with NFT collections easy. A free Alchemy API key is required.

Yuga Labs Teases Bored Ape Yacht Club Metaverse With CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, Nouns NFTs (3 minute read)

Yuga Labs has released a short trailer teasing its new Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) metaverse. The video references many other NFT collections. Animoca Brands, known for developing The Sandbox, is adopting ApeCoin for a secret project, likely the BAYC metaverse. The video is available in the article.

Post-Modern Monetary Theory (6 minute read)

Western central banks have increased monetary supply a lot over the past decade. Printing money disincentivizes keeping wealth in dollars and incentivizes investing and commerce. It can be used to counterbalance fear in markets. The monetary supply has been increasing at about five times the rate of inflation. Investment assets have appreciated significantly. After considering the inflation rate for investment assets, it can be seen that the true inflation rate is significantly higher than the reported one.
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