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TLDR Media
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TLDR is the free daily newsletter with links and TLDRs of the most interesting stories in startups 🚀, tech 📱, and programming 💻. We also make this awesome job board that you're currently browsing. If you have any questions about working with us, please email me at!

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Company Size: 1-10 Employees
Benefits: Health Insurance, 401(k), Vision Insurance, Dental Insurance, Unlimited Vacation
Third Party Recruiter: False
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Open Jobs
TLDR Media
AI/ML/Data Science Newsletter Curator
TLDR Media
$50 - $150/hr
TLDR Media
Technical Writer for Programming Tutorials
TLDR Media
$50 - $75/hr
TLDR Media
Head of Sales
TLDR Media
$200000 - $300000