TLDR AI 2023-09-29

Google PaLM + Chroma 🤝, AI for SaaS 💻, Meta's text to image model 🖼️

Billionaires wanted it, but 54,578 everyday investors got it first... and profited (Sponsor)

Headlines & Launches

Chroma x Google for building on PaLM (2 minute read)

How Is AI Going to Impact The SaaS Landscape Over The Coming Years with a16z GP Kristina Shen (7 minute read)

New Forethought tool lets you build workflows with natural language (2 minute read)

Research & Innovation

Meta's text to image model (6 minute read)

Simplifying VQ-VAE (30 minute read)

Jointly training large multimodal models (23 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

SigLIP checkpoints released by Google (GitHub Repo)

The Future of Image-Text Understanding and Creation (GitHub Repo)

LAST CHANCE: Save your spot at the most in-depth virtual conference on LLMs in production (Sponsor)


A Leader's Guide to Generative AI in the Workplace (20 minute read)

White House could force cloud companies to disclose AI customers (4 minute read)

Anthropic partners with BCG (2 minute read)

Quick Links

Google Adds A Switch For Publishers To Opt Out Of Becoming AI Training Data (1 minute read)

Docera (Product)

Metaphor (Product)

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