TLDR AI 2023-09-26

Amazon invests $4B in Anthropic 💰, ChatGPT can see & hear 👀, business document reading 📑

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Headlines & Launches

ChatGPT can see, hear, and speak now (8 minute read)

Spotify Is Going To Clone And Translate Podcasters’ Voices (1 minute read)

Amazon invests up to $4B in Anthropic (3 minute read)

Research & Innovation

Advanced Scene Annotation Using 3D Tools (2 minute read)

A Model That Understands and Labels 3D Scenes Using Text Descriptions (12 minute read)

Improving Business Document Reading (24 minute read)

Engineering & Resources

Odin (GitHub Repo)

Enhancing Depth Estimation with Passive Cameras (6 minute read)

DeepEval (GitHub Repo)


A boy saw 17 doctors over 3 years for chronic pain. ChatGPT found the diagnosis (14 minute read)

Language Model UXes in 2027 (13 minute read)

Shortwave launches AI email assistant to rival Google’s Duet AI (5 minute read)

Quick Links

Capsule (Product)

FireCut AI (Product Launch)

New Forethought tool lets you build workflows with natural language (2 minute read)

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