TLDR AI 2023-09-14

Stability releases Stable Audio 🔊, Salesforce Einstein Copilot 🧑‍✈️, industrial anomaly detection 🔍

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Headlines & Launches

Stability AI Debuts Stable Audio (2 minute read)

Stability AI has released Stable Audio, a text-to-audio generator that provides anyone with the ability to use simple text prompts to generate short audio clips.

Google Gives Public Data Project An AI Makeover (2 minute read)

Google has launched an AI-driven interface for Data Commons, simplifying data access and analysis through natural language queries.

Salesforce embeds conversational AI across the platform with Einstein Copilot (4 minute read)

Salesforce has unveiled Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI for more intuitive user queries. Enhanced with a "trust layer" for security and linked to Salesforce's Data Cloud, it aims to reduce AI inaccuracies while acknowledging limitations.
Research & Innovation

Detecting Fake Video Parts with UMMAFormer (14 minute read)

With the rise of fake content made by AI, there's a need to spot the specific parts of videos that are altered. The new tool "UMMAFormer" can identify these fake segments in videos more effectively than older methods.

AnomalyGPT: Efficient Industrial Anomaly Detection (5 minute read)

While big models like MiniGPT-4 are good at understanding images, they struggle with detailed anomalies in industrial settings. This solution, AnomalyGPT, trains these models on simulated anomaly images and their descriptions, and can detect industrial faults without manual adjustments.

Do Language Models Really Understand the World? (19 minute read)

Researchers looked into how well pretrained language models understand the basic building blocks and rules of the world, like 'a dog is an animal' or 'an apple is a fruit.' They found that these programs are decent at remembering some of this foundational knowledge, but aren't perfect at reasoning with it.
Engineering & Resources

Making Text-to-Image Generation Super Fast with Rectified Flow (GitHub Repo)

Researchers have figured out a way to speed up the process of turning text into images using a technique called Rectified Flow.

ExLlamaV2 (GitHub Repo)

An inference library for running local LLMs on modern consumer GPUs.

Learning One Programming Language Can Make the Model Better at Others (9 minute read)

This research shows that if a model is trained to understand one programming language, it gets better at understanding others too.

Moderna’s CEO On AI’s Potential To Cure Cancer (4 minute read)

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel reveals the company's extensive use of AI, which predates the ChatGPT era, in drug development, emphasizing its role in creating the COVID-19 vaccine, inventing enzymes, and interacting with regulators.

The Impact of Gen AI on Enterprise SaaS Today (30 minute podcast)

A deep dive into the impacts of Gen AI on enterprise SaaS today - not just for new generative AI startups, but the impact on existing ones as well.

OpenAI disputes authors’ claims that every ChatGPT response is a derivative work (7 minute read)

OpenAI has responded to lawsuits from authors who allege ChatGPT was trained on pirated books. Arguing transformative use, the firm seeks dismissal of most claims, comparing the situation to a Google Books copyright case and refuting Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations.
Quick Links

Chat2024 (Product Launch)

Have 1:1 chats with clones of the 2024 Presidential candidates. Fueled by hundreds of hours of interviews, tweets, and writings, and leveraging the Delphi platform, these clones are grounded on truth and citation, ensuring maximal accuracy and minimal hallucination.

The Musician friendly AI Company (Product)

Lemonaide Music introduces "Seeds", an AI tool combating writer's block for music producers. With an intuitive UI, it seamlessly integrates into any DAW, offering high-quality, royalty-free melody outputs. It's already kickstarted over 7,000 songs in under a month.

Amazon Is Encouraging Sellers To Use AI-Generated Product Listings (2 minute read)

Amazon is launching a new AI tool that generates product listings.

Report: The hidden costs of generative AI (Sponsor)

A survey of 1000 enterprise AI leaders reveals that companies are badly underestimating the total cost of ownership of generative AI, and that unrealistic expectations abound when it comes to implementation times and budgets.

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